Good, basic tips on fuel management from Rolf Lockwood at about how to run for fuel mileage. He culled 12 tips from personal experience, plus a number of truck manufacturers.

One subtle point he made that bears repeating, from a management standpoint, is that it's important tocompare apples-to-apples when it comes to fuel average. For example, a run over the flanks of Mt. Hood on 26 is gonna get a hell of a lot lower mileage than one over the flats of the Willamette Valley. Not only because of the terrain, but simply the fact that there's often just one lane.

"So before you launch your drivers into a self-improvement program, first determine just where the individual's average fuel mileage sits - for a given run in a given season, making sure to compare apples to apples. Then you can start adjusting and you'll both see what works and what doesn't."




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