Republished from Internet Truckstop's September/October 2011 issue.

Why Online Training is Worth Your Time 


We've never met a driver who believed they need training. You've got your CDL and years of experience. You've been around every inch of this country, so who are we to suggest you need training?

Rewire Your Brain to React Faster

But firemen train. Cops train. Linebackers train. And the military has "bloody drills" so they can have "bloodless battles." Training keeps you sharp.

So why online training? Much less training with quizzes? The answer is simple: because if you want the training to pop into your head at the right moment, you have to actively practice it. And practicing it — physically going through the motions in your truck — will literally rewire your brain to react faster.

Driver-Recommended Training

Naturally, we think our own product is good. And we think it makes our roads safer by helping you react better to the craziness of the road. But what do drivers think? We asked 4,500 drivers who took our training:

  • 95% agreed that the Pro-TREAD training would make the company and themselves safer.
  • 93% would recommend the Pro-TREAD online lessons to fellow drivers.
  • 88% agreed with the statement, “I prefer taking this type of online lesson instead of attending a safety meeting.”
  • 74% disagreed that the Pro-TREAD lessons were too basic.

The Bottom-Line on Training

Look, if you're running a 3% profit margin, every time you have to pay your $3,000 accident deductible, you have to find an extra $100,000 in revenue to pay for it. We'd rather you stay safe and keep that money.


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