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May, 2015: Newly updated course

While talking to managers and safety folks earlier this week at the IFDA show, we heard a lot of groan-inducing stories about drivers hitting fixed objects with their trucks. There's nothing more frustrating because "parking lot crashes" are totally preventable. So we spent a lot of time showing our "Avoiding Fixed Objects" lesson, and here's a quick preview of this 30-minute course that every driver should take.

Without revealing any names, here are a few doozies we heard about:

  • A driver hit a gas meter at a mall, which caused the mall to be evacuated.
  • A driver hit an awning on a church, which pulled over the entire brick facade. Of a church, it bears repeating.
  • A driver hit a transformer at a grocery store, knocking out power.
  • A driver tore off a fire escape from a building in an alley.

You might also be interested in our whitepaper about Avoiding Fixed Objects. The in-depth article is great for driver managers and safety managers who need to understand the root causes of small crashes, and come up with additional ideas to end them.

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