Update: We've created a new course with Night Driving Tips. Go take a look!

The leaves are turning and the sun retreats a little more each day, which means more of our trucks will roll at night. Add in wetter weather, and drivers will be seeing more glaring headlights scattered through rain-spattered windshields. They'll be more tired, more susceptible to "highway hypnosis" and, because traffic is typically lighter, maybe driving faster.

Now's a great time to do a little refresher on night driving. We've posted the intro to our Night Driving lesson below, and it explains some of the results of night driving. It also explains why you should go into a night of driving with, if you'll excuse the pun, your eyes wide open.

Now that you've seen why night driving requires so much caution, let's go take a look at tips for being a better night driver.

Part 1: (current page)

Part 2: Better Night Vision for Night Driving

Part 3: Judging Speed and Distance at Night

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