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Moving from Risk Management to Risk Reduction

New Partnership between RAIR and Instructional Technologies, Inc.

Today we're very excited to announce a partnership with RAIR. Through this partnership, trucking companies now have a single tool to monitor driver behavior and when necessary, change it through training. Truck fleets now have a single tool to move from risk management to risk reduction.

With the CSA scores a fact of life for the trucking industry, standard safety measures for drivers and fleets is today a reality. With CSA scores, companies can see their problem drivers and fleet-wide problem areas. Today, truck fleets can turn to a number of companies who provide that information through "driver scorecards" and other monitoring tools.

RAIR has taken the lead in this space for a number of reasons, especially the breadth and depth of information it collects:

  • Paper logs
  • GPS data
  • Driver vehicle inspections (DVI)
  • FMCSA data

Unlike its competitors, RAIR does more than monitor safety performance. RAIR can help carriers identify the driver behaviors that lead to poor safety performance. This is possible because RAIR is in the unique position of having the behavioral data (such as driver logs and DVIRs) to compare to public safety data.

Knowing Isn't Fixing

But it's not enough to simply know there's a problem. A fleet needs to take action to help an unsafe driver change their habits. Or they need to change an institutional pattern that's leading to roadside infractions. The RAIR and Pro-TREAD partnership closes the loop for fleets.

RAIR is more than a reseller. RAIR lets carriers access Pro-TREAD training from within its system. That allows carriers to identify problematic behaviors and immediately assign training to change it.

Don't Just Manage Risk, Reduce It

RAIR's CEO, Greg Lofy, put it this way: "For example, a user of RAIR's DVIR auditing program can currently identify a driver who routinely fails to perform proper pre-trip inspections on his tanker. With our new partnership, the user will be able to navigate directly from RAIR's DVIR reports to Pro-TREAD to assign the Tanker Pre-trip Inspection lesson to that driver."

The Benefit of Targeted Training

  • Improved CSA scores: By getting out a consistent message, the fleet will see fewer infractions.
  • Less driver turnover: With fewer infractions comes fewer reasons to fire drivers, leading to decreased turnover.
  • Higher profits: Fewer accidents mean fewer lawsuits and improved lifespan for equipment.
  • Lower insurance rates: A safer record for the fleet can eventually result in lower insurance rates.
  • Reduced liability: Since assigning training is only a few mouse clicks away, there's less time (and fewer miles) between an infraction and when your fleet did something to fix it.

And here's the press release about the partnership, if you enjoy those sorts of things.

More about RAIR

Founded in 2001, RAIR provides web-based safety and compliance services to over 300 truck and bus companies, representing more than 300,000 drivers. RAIR services include paper and electronic (EOBR) driver log auditing, CSA data analysis and management, driver qualification (DQ) file auditing and online DQ files, paper/electronic driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) auditing and online vehicle files, drug testing and more. Because of its expertise in regulatory compliance issues for DOT-regulated fleets, RAIR has fostered long-term relationships with many of the largest and most prestigious fleets in trucking, distribution and transit, including 50% of the “Top 100” carriers in the U.S. and Canada. RAIR is a division of DriveCam, Inc.

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