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According to a study of its own fleet of 12,000 truck drivers, Schneider National found a positive correlation between safety and MPG: Safe drivers get better fuel economy. Correlation may not equal causation, but the trend looks quite favorable for encouraging better MPG. (Schneider National encourages better fuel efficiency using a few methods, including sending thousands of drivers through the Pro-TREAD Fuel Management course every year.) 

Drivers with the best MPG are safer drivers, according to a study by Schneider National.

Driver MPG

Crash Risk

Top 100 vs. Bottom 100 37% Lower Crash Risk Rating
Top 500 vs. Bottom 500 23% Lower Crash Risk Rating
Top 1,000 vs. Bottom 1,000 21% Lower Crash Risk Rating

One-Size Does Not Fit All When It Comes to Training and Safety

We learned about the study during a webinar from FleetOwner (which you can watch for free). There were several other interesting tidbits from the Schneider National's Senior Vice President Don Osterberg, including their approach to training and safety. Essentially, Osterberg pointed out that in a human endeavor, there is no silver bullet that will solve all safety and training needs. People learn differently. There are different indicators that a truck driver needs training. Thus, Schneider's answer is to layer multiple solutions:

  • Pro-TREAD online and in-cab training
  • RAIR driver management system
  • GreenRoads driver monitoring
  • In-person coaching
  • On-boarding program
  • and many others

(You can read an in-depth discussion of the Schneider training programs in an interview with Schneider National's Director of Training, Alan Weisinger).



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