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Prospective clients ask us all the time if truck driver CSA training is truly effective. We ran the numbers, and we can answer that it absolutely is effective at lowering your CSA score, and by extension, making your fleet safer.

Pro-TREAD Clients Score 30 Points Lower in Each CSA BASIC

Here's what we did: we looked at the industry averages for each BASIC, and we looked at the same information in our own client base. For our entire client base, they scored 24 points lower on average. For those clients who take only 4 or more lessons per user per year — that's 25 minutes of online driver training every three months — the fleet scored 30 points lower for each BASIC. When we looked at fleets taking 6+ lessons per driver per year, they scored 34 points better on average.

Finally! A Real Answer About the Effectiveness of Driver Training

Fleets have asked for this kind of information for years. It's a smart, but we struggled to give a data-driven answer because, frankly, carriers are extremely reluctant to share information about how much they spend on crashes, injuries, and lawsuits. And while we can share anecdotal information — small and large fleets tell us they've reduced crash costs 20 percent or more when they start training with Pro-TREAD — it's not the quantifiable answer that savvy clients want. That's frustrating for you and frustrating for us.

The dawn of CSA has given the industry a benchmark to talk about safety. The BASIC scores for a fleet are open. Are the BASIC scores perfect? No, not by a long shot. But they're the common yardstick that will be improved every year.

Using CSA Data to Improve the Training that Pro-TREAD Offers

Obviously, driver training improves your CSA scores. But we've been using the CSA data to improve the training we offer to you. Last year, we noticed, for example, that Vehicle Maintenance scores were higher across the board for our clients. We also knew that 7 of the top 10 vehicle maintenance violations could be eliminated with a better pre-trip vehicle inspection. So we created a CSA-specific lesson about pre-trip inspections, which you can preview.

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