how to safely load a flatbed trailerWhen we put together this course about how to load a flatbed trailer, a (very) young driver likened it to tying down a mattress on top of a car to move your buddy. If only it were that uncomplicated and required only a ridiculous series of overhand knots!

Of course, the reality isn't very amusing. The fact is, there are SERIOUS issues with flatbed trailers when it comes to the CSA. According to CCJ:
FMCSA’s own recent analysis shows cargo/load securement violations account for 82 percent of all violations within the Cargo-Related BASIC, and that two out of three flatbed carriers were above the intervention threshold.

This course demystifies the many legal requirements and loading techniques for keeping different load types tied down to a flatbed trailer. In addition, it gives lots of tips about moving around on a flatbed trailer — you'd be amazed how often people accidentally fall off. And finally, it covers some best practices about dealing with forklifts and cranes.

Your team will also learn about how to use the ubiquitous sliding Cargo Securement Calculator that deals with weights, load types, chain gauges, strap types and more.

This course is a must-take for any driver who occasionally takes a flatbed trailer, or for any part-time driver who must transport equipment.

Below, you'll find a short example of the flatbed trailer loading course. If you're interested in a full demo of that lesson, along with the other 80+ driver refresher training we offer online, drop us a line. We'd love to walk you through the whole course catalog, and show you why there's no better online training for drivers than Pro-TREAD.

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