We recently attended a seminar in which a fleet with 1,500 drivers said the combination of found revenue and decreased costs equaled $1 million in a year by using online new driver orientation. One. Million. Dollars. Just from cutting two days off their training time, and by staggering each week's "graduating class" of new hires to match trucks being turned over from departing drivers.

Clients have told us that they prevent losing $500 to $700 per driver per day with our online new-hire orientation program. After all, a truck sitting on the fence earns nothing at all.
Most of our clients already have a pretty streamlined method of in-processing new hires — whether they're green recruits or seasoned vets — and can only trim a single day. But this was the first time we'd heard such a huge number. One million bucks. Wow.

Going from Recruit to Employee

Bringing on a new hire means paperwork from HR, teaching the driver about their benefits, explaining operations like fuel reimbursement, teaching them hardware, and on and on and on. There are some parts of the hiring process that simply can't be done via a computer. But there are other parts of onboarding that are repetitive, and that's where our online orientation program saves you time. When you can get a driver in the truck a day earlier, it's like finding a dollar bill on the sidewalk: a dollar bill sitting on top of 499 other dollar bills!

New Driver Orientation Made Simple

The areas with which we help our clients are:

Benefits: Explaining all the benefits the driver is eligible for, and how to access them. We have templates that explain most types of health care and retirement benefits. Modifying them to fit your benefits package takes very little time.

Reimbursements: Drivers incur costs for fuel, hotels, and equipment on the road. It's easy to customize our existing templates to explain how the driver gets paid back in a timely manner.

Operating Procedures: Everything from safety to filling out daily vehicle inspection reports to customer service, we have standard lessons that can be easily modified to your way of doing things.

Collaboration for Customization

To create these custom courses, we collaborate with the people on your side. We work with HR, operations, risk management, safety, maintenance, and dispatch. Probably one of the most important things you can do to help the process go smoothly is emphasize that each group maintains control over their message. And it's easy — we have the training experience and know how to convey information quickly. And we have templated courses that mean we can usually get you up and running very quickly.

Hundreds and Hundreds of Custom Lessons Created

As you know, we have about 95 standard courses available. But customized training is a big part of our business: we've created just shy of 500 custom online courses as of the spring of 2013!

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