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"Medium-Duty Truck: Backing and Docking" is now available (July 10, 2013). It has 24 "chapters," and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Look for it under the Medium-Duty Truck menu.The sample video above shows the introduction and the "Take Your Time" chapter.

Medium-duty trucks have been all over the news lately, and not in a good way. Reports from both ATRI and the NTSB have questioned their safety. But both of those reports focus on more catastrophic accidents that happen on the road.

Backing and Docking Make Up Most Crashes

The reality is that the No. 1 cause of straight-truck crashes is backing and docking. Parking lot crashes happen more frequently and add up to be a huge profit hit for fleets (see our whitepaper on parking lot crashes). Training your drivers how to back up a straight truck is the focus of the new "Backing and Docking: Medium-Duty Truck" course.

The new lesson, Medium-Duty Truck: Backing and Docking, discusses how to communicate with a spotter.


How to back up a straight truck

Medium-Duty Truck Backing and Docking Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Steering while backing
  • Planning ahead
  • GOAL
  • Backing communication
  • Using spotters
  • Alley backing
  • Backing Guidelines
  • Getting into position
  • Take your time
  • Check your mirrors
  • Pull ups
  • Basic backing maneuvers
  • Straight line backing
  • 45 degree angle backing
  • Straight back parking
  • Parallel parking

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