The best way to get drivers to not complain about training is to use PRO-TREAD. The second best way is a solid training plan for truck drivers based on their years of experience.

Inexperienced Drivers Require General Training

If you've been hiring a lot of young drivers, you should put them in a six-month intensive training group (after an orientation program) that assigns two courses every month. This might look something like:


Seasoned Vets Need Specific Training

You should use a different training plan for drivers with both years of experience. You should also know if they've been trained before. Remember: experience alone may mean bad habits. Focusing on specific skills and new regulatory updates stops complaints about "basic" training.


Setting Up a Training Plan for Truck Drivers: Use Groups in Sentix

The Sentix LMS makes it simple to create groups and assign lessons. You can use training groups for orientationhazmat re-certification, different types of incident remediation (log book violations or speeding, for example).

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