by Jim Smith, MS, CSP
Director of Safety

ProDrivers has been a client of PRO-TREAD for the past three years. After both using and evaluating the services offered by other training providers, it was clear that PRO-TREAD was the obvious choice. As one of the largest driver staffing services in the country, we had a need to not only train drivers, but offer value-added services to our clients that would differentiate us from our competition. Our partnership with PRO-TREAD has been a major differentiator.

The training modules provided by PRO-TREAD are used in a multitude of ways at ProDrivers. We use PRO-TREAD for driver orientation, client-specific training, quarterly challenges, remedial training, and even for drivers working in modified duty.

In order to ensure that our drivers are proficient in the areas of CSA, Hours of Service, and Pre-Trip Inspections, we train every driver on those topics prior to the first dispatch.

In addition to the mandatory modules, we offer our clients the option of designing custom training to fit their particular needs. Because every client has different training needs and requirements, we are able to customize a training program for each of those clients.

In another attempt to be proactive in our safety efforts, ProDrivers has implemented a quarterly safety challenge to our drivers and staff. Each driver and staff member that takes the identified quarterly topics are entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card. We have had amazing participation since the challenges began in January of 2014, with over 1,500 modules completed by the ProDrivers team.

While prevention is our number one goal, we utilize PRO-TREAD in for remedial training as well. In the event that a driver has an accident or injury and may benefit from additional training, there are many modules at our disposal.

Lastly, we have even incorporated PRO-TREAD training into our modified duty program for drivers that have been injured and can’t work in a full duty capacity. These drivers with physical limitations for short periods of time can train on identified training topics while they are healing from injuries sustained on the job.

There is no doubt that the utilization of PRO-TREAD has been a major factor in reducing accidents and injuries during our three-year partnership with PRO-TREAD. The interactive nature of the training is what separates Instructional Technologies from its completion and what has ultimately led to a great partnership between ProDrivers and PRO-TREAD.

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