Creating Easy Custom Fleet Training for PRO-TREAD on the Cheap

While PRO-TREAD has the deepest library of training content for the transportation industry, we don’t cover every little procedure for every single fleet in North America.

So what do you do when you need custom training specific to your fleet, but don’t have any budget for custom training? What do you do if you don’t have a video team in house? Or a sound booth, or even a built-in microphone on your computer?

Don’t sweat it!

DIY Courses for Easy, Internal Topics

Clients tell us that for many internal topics, all they need is a five-minute explanation with photos or smartphone videos. And most everyone knows how to put together a decent presentation, so go for it!

Just record a presentation using an online meeting tool like WebEx or GoToMeeting. It will capture the audio (even just using your phone) and what happens in your presentation. This is a super easy, overlooked way to get great content into PRO-TREAD for your fleet.

You can present a PowerPoint with images, show dashboard-cam videos, have different callers talk, and/or demonstrate technology with a webcam.

Just Record and Email to Your Account Manager

Once you’re done, just email the video file to your account manager, and we can post it. We can even assign it to a group or company-wide. And collaborating with you, we can even split the video into segments with quizzes in between (there may be a small charge for this service).

Recording via an online meeting is a great way to narrate quick presentations on small topics, and we’re happy to post that to your PRO-TREAD account for easy custom training.

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