Safe winter driving means so much more than just dealing with snow. Shorter days, more glare, and cold-weather vehicle maintenance are all critical.

Most proactive training managers put their fleet through a winter driving course for truck drivers before the snow starts flying. And if you're like most, you're probably still calculating the damage done by Mother Nature this past winter. So we're happy to roll out a new Winter Driving course for heavy duty trucks.

This course covers cold weather driving pre-trip inspections, using the inter-axle differential lock for traction, planning ahead for emergencies, chaining and chaining laws.

Plan Ahead for Winter Driving

Please consider a little training for your fleet this fall. PRO-TREAD offers a number of excellent interactive courses. Give your people the opportunity to come through winter safely.

  • Winter Driving with Chains
  • Winter Driving without Chains
  • Emergency Maneuvers
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Hazard Communications
  • Avoiding Roadside Collisions
  • Rollover Prevention (including Mountain Roads)
  • Skid Control

Combined with the stalemate over the federal funding for transport, there’s no guarantee that spring will bring much relief. It may be a tough winter of driving ahead, but you can put safety first and help those towns by getting supplies delivered with just a little training.

Related Lesson: Night-Driving Tips

Night Driving Tips: The days get shorter and weather gets nastier during the winter. Make sure your drivers have ways to cope with the reduced light, increased fatigue and other issues that come with night driving.

Winter Driving for Straight Trucks

PRO-TREAD also offers a winter driving course for medium-duty trucks.

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