Everyone knows truck drivers are banned from using hand held cell phones. The reason: they're too much of a driver distraction. And when a trucker is on the road 10+ hours a day, distractions can be deadly. How many decisions must they make in a single mile? Would you believe 100? It's true.


Types of Driver Distractions

  • Eating, drinking
  • Rushing
  • Reaching for an item in the cab
  • Talking on a hands-free device

For a driver who spends their life on the road, many of these distractions are unavoidable. So our newly updated Driver Distraction course helps your drivers recognize them. Once they see it, they can re-focus on the task at hand.

Rushing: a Major Distraction

When a driver's mind is racing from a bad delivery they just had, and trying to find paperwork for their next stop, and also trying to make that new onboard computer work right, they get distracted. Their mind is not on the task at hand: namely, driving!

Rushing is a distraction, and one of the primary causes of backing and docking crashes. After all, it's not like that dumpster ran a stop sign. Training your driver to recognize the symptoms of distraction can help them "snap out of it," and get back to the real world.

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