The CVSA runs its annual Roadcheck inspection bonanza during early June each year. That means 10,000 CVSA-certified inspectors will be out there, checking 19 trucks every minute for 72 hours. Chances are that one of them will be yours. So stack the deck in your favor: assign the PRO-TREAD Pre-Trip Inspections course to your drivers today. And if you want to really cover your bases, assign Roadside Inspections as well.

Pre-Trip Inspections Enhanced

The course teaches drivers how to inspect their truck in less than 10 minutes. It covers the trailer and the tractor, and explains what inspectors will be looking for.

This course has lot of exercises, and can be one of our longer courses. It requires the driver to get all the questions and exercises correct, just like all PRO-TREAD courses. If you have a driver who has taken this course before, you might consider using the "review" version that doesn't have exercises.


Roadside Inspections

There's a softer side of inspections. Troopers and inspectors deal with lots of drivers each day, and they expect a certain level of professionalism and courtesy. Failing to bring that professionalism and courtesy tends to result in getting exactly zero slack during the inspection. The Roadside Inspection course gives your drivers an idea of how to handle the conversations and the requirements of an inspection. If Pre-Trip Inspection helps with the letter of the law in terms of their vehicles, then Roadside Inspections helps them deal with the realities, such as what can put them out of service.

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