driver training for lane changes and intersectionsThe stunning growth of onboard and ELD technology for tracking the behaviors of your drivers has revealed one huge problem. If your company learns that a driver tends to speed through urban streets, check his text messages, or tail gate, isn’t it a good thing that you know? The answer might surprise you.

Knowing that an individual driver has bad tendencies isn’t the same thing as doing something about it. If you don’t take immediate steps to end those behaviors, and then that driver has an incident? You’re going to become intimately familiar with the term “punitive damages.”

Knowing you have a problem but not immediately taking steps to fix it opens a giant liability for your company.

Most onboard companies focus on identifying the problem, aggregating the data, and building a “status” dashboard for you. And hey, that’s great, because these systems turn on a firehose of data. You need simple ways to digest it all.

But that’s not the same thing as doing as fixing the driver’s behavior. The little red dot next to a driver’s “miles over speed limit” doesn’t help him much when dispatch has berated him for being late. It’s also not going to help you deal with the plaintiff’s attorney when that same driver has a crash where speed was at fault.

Solutions include:

  1. Create alerts that ping your training or safety team to manually assign training.
  2. Integrate with Instructional Technologies so that alerts generate automatic course assignments.
  3. Build a series of pre-made follow-up courses that provide on-going reminders that get at the roots of the problem. PRO-TREAD offers templates for common infractions.
  4. Use daily or weekly safety reminders — stories about their co-workers work best — to keep drivers engaged in the safety culture.

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