ITI CEO Dr. Jim Voorhees
ITI CEO Dr. Jim Voorhees was the featured speaker at the Vancouver Business Journal Boardroom Breakfast yesterday. About 50 people listened while John McDonagh, VBJ co-publisher and president of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce posed questions and got the history of ITI.
Here are 10 things those who attended the breakfast learned about Voorhees and Instructional Technologies, Inc.:
  1. Voorhees registered for the draft at the age of 22 after discovering that most of the schooling he was trying to put himself through did not have the structure he needed. He went to flight school and became a helicopter pilot, doing several tours in Vietnam.
  2. Later, Voorhees returned to active duty and was assigned to work on a special project with NASA. As an engineering research psychologist, he helped design the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey.
  3. Before his high school years and during them, Voorhees worked at a plumbing store selling piping and other equipment.
  4. When Voorhees later decided to start his own simulation training company, he took something that he learned in the Military to heart: “The most important thing in your life is your people. They depend on you to do the right thing at the right time.”
  5. When Instructional Technologies, Inc. was first founded, the company had four employees. The company now has 27 employees.
  6. Many of the employees who work for Instructional Technologies, Inc. were students who completed the Digital Media program at WSU Vancouver.
  7. Since starting the company in 1995, only three people have left the company. Voorhees said this is because they hire the right kind of people who thrive in the environment they work in.
  8. Instructional Technologies, Inc. is used by numerous leading trucking fleets, including Ryder, Celadon, Landstar, CVS Pharmacy, CHS and the largest private fleets.
  9. Instructional Technologies’ biggest client, in terms of size, is Walmart. The company trains Walmart’s 9,600 Class A drivers.
  10. Voorhees said that Instructional Technologies, Inc. is the only training company in transportation that he knows of that trains drivers from Class A all the way through.

If you're interested in reading more about Voorhees, the Columbian wrote an excellent piece about Voorhees' service in Vietnam ahead of Veteran's Day last fall. And our local congresswoman, Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler interviewed ITI CEO Dr. Jim Voorhees for the Veteran's Project for the Library of Congress.


About the photo: John McDonagh, Vancouver Business Journal co-publisher and president of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, chats with Dr. Jim Voorhees, CEO of Instructional Technologies, Inc., during the June 6 Boardroom Breakfast event. Photo by Joanna Yorke

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