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shutterstock_1062484466If you're a FedEx Ground ISP, you have enough to worry about — driver shortages, fleet safety, customer service, repairs and maintenance, insurance claims, route changes… not to mention making deliveries on time!

But when it comes to finding the right training for your drivers, we've got you covered. ITI is proud to announce that we now offer FedEx approved driver training for ISPs, whether you run Linehaul, P&D, or both!


Meeting FedEx Requirements Just Got Easier

Whether FedEx is your bread-and-butter or just another lane for your fleet, they have more specific training requirements than many other shippers, especially when it comes to the FedEx ISP insurance program. With ITI’s FedEx approved online driver training for ISPs, it's much easier for FedEx Ground ISPs to stay compliant with FedEx training and record-keeping requirements. Here are just a few of the things you can do with online training from ITI:

  • Quickly onboard new hires with FedEx approved curriculum. Assign required training as soon as your new hire accepts the job. They can take the courses online before coming in, and you save hours of onboarding on their first day.
  • Assign a year's worth of training in just a few minutes (or let us do it for you). ITI covers all 11 FedEx-required topics for ongoing driver training, and you can assign training for the entire year in just a few minutes. Better yet, let us do it for you!
  • Get 24/7 access to the entire PRO-TREAD course library. In addition to FedEx-required training, you get access to our core library of 150+ courses covering every topic you need. Plus, our mobile app means drivers can access training 24/7 — while waiting to load, during a rest stop, or anywhere there's a cell phone signal.
  • Stay compliant with reporting and record-keeping. Your account comes with access to Sentix, our powerful but user-friendly LMS and training automation platform. Every piece of data we collect is at your fingertips, making it easy to stay on top of required record-keeping.
  • Host all your training content in one place. In addition to the required FedEx training, we can upload all your existing training content to your account, such as a welcome video or onboarding presentation for new drivers, keeping all your training content in one easy-to-access place.


Let's Train Your Drivers

All that sounds pretty good, right? If you're wondering, Where can I sign up?, then read on. The link below will take you to a detailed overview of our FedEx Driver Training. Ready to talk now? Give us a call at 360-576-5976, or email


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