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Speeding is one of the most common moving violations and the number one cause of auto collisions. Unfortunately, simply reminding drivers, “Speeding is bad, Mmmkay,” isn’t an effective solution.

Drivers speed because they believe they “have to,” even though their reasons are never justified. Read on to learn how to minimize moving violations and whether your drivers receive an above-average number of speeding tickets.

Why Do Drivers Speed?

Each year, 20 percent of U.S. drivers receive a speeding ticket. An ever higher percentage drive at unsafe speeds but never get caught.

When drivers do get pulled over, they often have a “good” reason. Here are some you may have heard:

  • I wanted to make the delivery on time
  • Bad weather made traffic horrible
  • I was just keeping up with all the other drivers
  • The guy in front of me was driving too slow, I had to get around him
  • I was going the speed limit, the officer gave me a ticket because of the weather - I can't control that! 

Drivers convince themselves it’s okay to speed for a variety of reasons. The reality is, there’s only one root cause - bad judgement.


There is never a good reason to speed. It's dangerous and never worth the risk. According to the most recent NHTSA data:

  • In 26 percent of total traffic fatalities, at least one of the drivers was speeding
  • 85 percent of speeding-related fatalities occurred on non-interstate roadways (when the roadway class was known)
Speeding is a choice. Drivers may not see it that way, but that’s where you come in. As a wise person once said, “leadership is the job, training is the tool.”

How Driver Training Reduces Speeding Violations

Online driver training is the most cost-effective way to reinforce a culture of safety in your fleet. Over the past decade, we’ve helped hundreds of fleets slow down their drivers, improve safety, and reduce drive turnover.

The key is changing how drivers see themselves. They’re not just delivery drivers, they’re experienced professionals who hold themselves to a higher standard.


ITI helped an industry-leading fleet improve their fleet safety stats and fuel economy. Over several weeks, their drivers completed short, online lessons in speed management, space management, road rage, and other related courses. By the end, drivers no longer saw themselves as just the guy/gal behind the wheel. They understood their role as shepherds of the road who had seen it all and knew how to do things the right way.

ClearDrive™ online driver training teaches your drivers how to:

  • Choose the right speed for the conditions
  • Accurately estimate stopping distance
  • Have the right attitude - even in stressful situations
  • Adopt the belief: there is never a good reason to speed

ClearDrive online driver training isn't just for delivery driver training. It also addresses specific needs of fleets using box trucks, work trucks, and/or automobiles. Each lesson is short, includes 3D animations of real-life scenarios (no talking heads), and can be completed using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. We also offer remediation training.

Create a custom training program by choosing from more than 70 lessons, or use one of our pre-set training plans. Lessons can be assigned in just a few clicks with ITI's Sentix learning management system (LMS).

Learn more about ClearDrive or request a free demo. We're happy to answer any questions you may have. Connect with a friendly ITI training consultant online or by phone (360-576-5976 option 4).

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