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Just type "winter" into the Sentix search bar.

The holidays are well over by now, but winter driving conditions will play havoc with your fleet operations for the next few months. We’re happy to announce four new winter safety courses have been added to ITI’s library of fleet training courses:

  • Winter Driving for Light-Duty Vehicles (Vans and Trucks)
  • Winter Driving for Automobiles
  • Winter Deliveries
  • Winter Equipment Operations

All four new courses are available for existing PRO-TREAD and ClearDrive customers. You can find and assign them (and our other winter courses) by typing "winter" into the search bar in Sentix.

Download the Updated Winter Course Guide

Winter Course Guide

Click to visit the winter course guide landing page.


ClearDrive and PRO-TREAD Winter Course Descriptions


Winter Driving-LDV 
Winter Driving-Automobiles

This lesson covers winter driving and hazards associated with operating a Light-Duty Vehicle/Automobile. How to deal with multiple winter conditions and prepare yourself and vehicle for winter driving. 

This lesson aims to teach a driver about some of the conditions that they may encounter while driving and how to prevent injuries when out of the vehicle. Also how to prepare themselves and their vehicle to navigate and operate in winter conditions.

Winter Deliveries-LDV

This lesson provides information on some of the challenges faced by Light-Duty vehicle drivers operating in the winter months. This includes weather, traffic, and other challenges.

This lesson aims to teach the learner about the basics of operating a Light-duty vehicle while making winter season deliveries. Upon completion, the learner will be able to deal with many of the challenges they may face while making deliveries during the winter season.


Winter Equipment Operation

This lesson provides an introduction to some of the challenges a driver may face when operating equipment in the winter, along with some of the other related hazards that they may face.

This lesson aims to teach the learner about the risks and challenges of operating their equipment in the winter. This includes the vehicle and other equipment that they may use to execute their duties in the winter. The lesson also provides guidance on how to remain safe and injury-free.


The course descriptions will be added to the various ITI course catalogs shortly. 


"What Courses Should I Assign for Winter?"

If you’re looking for tips on winter training, you can download our updated Winter Course Guide with course titles. The course guide provides a great mix of driving and injury prevention tips.

You can also search the ITI blog for “winter,” which will give you several ideas and resources such as:

You can also check your own winter safety knowledge with our fun winter driving safety quiz that several people have told us is “way more challenging than I thought!”


"Can I Talk to Someone at ITI about Winter Safety?"

Of course! Our Client Services team is always available for our clients. And if you’re not yet a client, our team would love to learn more about the problems you’re facing, and craft a training plan based on your fleet's training needs.

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