ELDT Is (Still) Coming

While it's always handy to have a plain-English guide to the new entry-level driver training rules, sometimes you need this regulatory sea-change explained even more simply. Maybe you need to explain it to marketing? Or perhaps a slightly more advanced audience during "bring your child to work" day on Thursday? In either case, you'll find this handy infographic details the law's biggest changes in an easy-to-read visual format.


ITI - On Ramp ELDT Infographic

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As you can see, the road to ELDT compliance is long, bumpy and full of hidden perils... if you try to go it alone, that is. With On Ramp™ Entry-Level Driver Training, you don't have to.  You get online training in all 30+ required theory training topics, integration with DOT's new registry, automated assessments and record-keeping, and a system to manage it all.


On Ramp in a Nutshell

  • Meet ELDT mandatory theory requirements on all 30+ core curriculum areas.
  • Save time and money with online training that students can take from anywhere.
  • Use Group Training mode to lead in-class discussions on curriculum areas.
  • Automatically administer tests and send student completion data to DOT’s Training Provider Registry (TPR)*.
  • Enjoy real-time record keeping and secure data storage.




Don’t flunk ELDT. Get On Ramp today.

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