Nearly every loading collision is immediately followed by secondary impact - the driver's palm smacking into their forehead. Most loading dock collisions are preventable. When a driver is in a hurry, or overconfident in their skills, the few seconds they "save" by not checking around the truck can cost thousands of dollars in collision repairs.

Just as a professional carpenter measures twice but cuts once, a professional driver needs to understand that it’s not only okay, but necessary to get out of their truck to check for obstacles in, around, and above the loading dock. It’s something experienced drivers know, and too many new drivers choose to learn the hard way - damaging your equipment in the process.

That said, when you ask a driver why they didn't get out and look, their answer is usually something like, "I was in a rush." This is directly related to pressure from management (real or imagined). So it's important to reinforce to your drivers the value of taking a few moments to set up the maneuver. Checking for hazards drastically reduces the chance of a collision that will definitely put them behind schedule.

Reinforcing loading dock safety best practices is easy with online training from ITI. It's convenient for both you and the driver.

Loading Dock Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Loading Dock Collision Prevention: Course Suggestions

Avoiding Fixed Objects
Backing and Docking (Enhanced)
Safe Operation of Trailer Doors
Trailer Loading/Unloading Procedures


Backing and Docking (Enhanced)
A significant part of a truck driver’s job (besides driving) involves loading or unloading cargo. The expert tips and 3-D animations provided in this lesson gives drivers the tools they need to back into any space successfully. This lesson covers:

  • How to avoid fixed objects
  • Straight line, 45-degree and 90-degree backing
  • How to deal with pull-ups and correct drifts
  • How to use a spotter
  • How to parallel park


Avoiding Fixed Objects

The most common collisions are low-speed accidents where the truck strikes a fixed object. Pulling into a parking space, backing into a loading dock and navigating a customer’s yard are just some of the situations that these accidents happen. This lesson teaches drivers:

  • How to identify hazards
  • How to plan ahead
  • How to Get Out and Look
  • Dealing with Distractions
  • Parking tips


Safe Operation of Trailer Doors

There are two main types of trailer doors, barn doors and roll-up doors, and both have the potential to cause injuries. This lesson uses 3-D animation to explain the safe operation of both types of trailer doors.

Trailer Loading/Unloading Procedures
There are many things that can go wrong when loading or unloading a trailer. In this lesson we take a look at how to prevent injuries while loading or unloading a trailer including:

  • How to secure a trailer at a loading dock
  • How remain safe around powered industrial trucks such as forklifts
  • How to use a trailer entry permit
  • Traveling with a load in and out of a trailer
  • How use dock plates and levelers

Loading Dock Safety - Convenient Online Training

Twenty-five percent of industrial accidents occur at a loading dock. By training drivers to value a get out and lookout mindset, you can reduce damage to your equipment and the property of others. Online training from ITI is convenient, easy to assign, and respects the driver’s time. Learn more about our learning management system, Sentix.

Best of all, ITI training pays for itself in reduced insurance costs, fewer accidents, and faster onboarding. Contact a client services representative and find out how ITI can improve your bottom line. Reach us online or by phone: 360-576-5976, option 4.



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