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Improve Fuel Efficiency With Straight Truck Safety Training
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The 'Don't Delay, Start Today' One-Year Training Plan
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Would you spend $5 a month to prevent a $335,000 accident claim? What if that $5 a month could also improve your fleet's fuel efficiency?

Ongoing training helps workers keep their skills fresh prevents accidents. This is why healthcare, law enforcement and other industries require continuing education - so their workers are prepared to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons. For about $5 per month per driver — or significantly less depending on the size of your fleet — you can create a safer, more fuel-efficient fleet.


Safety Training is Fuel-Efficiency Training

Fuel makes up 30 percent of operational costs for an average fleet. So any reduction in fuel consumption can quickly improve your bottom line. This is where on-going safety training can help you make a big impact, and it really works! After sending thousands of drivers through ITI training, Schneider National found a direct link between safe driving and fuel efficiency

ITI's online courses for medium-duty trucks (box trucks, straight trucks, cargo trucks) improve safety and can be assigned each month in just a few clicks using Sentix, ITI's automated learning management system (LMS). 

They're also convenient for drivers. Each lesson takes about 20 minutes to complete - using a computer, phone or tablet. And they're split into short segments because our modern attention spans seem so short!

Unlike other online training companies, ITI's online lessons:

  • Use 3D animations to improve comprehension and retention
  • Include periodic quizzes ensure subject matter mastery
  • Provide documentable proof your drivers truly understood the material.

At ITI, our goal is to make your job easier by simplifying training. With that in mind, here’s a sample monthly training schedule.


Safety Training for Medium-Duty Truck Drivers

Monthly Training Plan for Straight Truck Drivers

Night Driving
Avoiding Fixed Objects
Space Management
Backing and Docking
Speed Management
Urban Driving
Defensive Driving
Visual Search
Driver Distractions
Winter Driving
Hazard Awareness

Here is a sample schedule of safety courses you can roll out to drivers with just a few clicks each month. Drivers can complete their training anytime, anywhere they have internet, using a computer or our Android/iOS app.

Monthly Training Schedule for Medium-Duty Truck Drivers

Month 1 - Night Driving
This course covers: common night driving hazards and how to manage them, managing fatigue and drowsiness and dealing with reduced visibility at night.
Course length: 11 min

Month 2- Avoiding Fixed Objects
This course covers: how to secure cargo doors, the hazards of backing, tips for turning while backing, how to use a spotter, and the importance of a “get out and look” mindset.
Course length: 17 min

Month 3 - Space Management
This course covers: mirror use, overcoming blind spots, creating a six-sided space cushion, how to safely change lanes and merge, dealing with tailgaters, and other topics.
Course length: 21 min


Month 4 - Backing and Docking

This course covers: tips for alley backing, straight-line backing, 45-degree backing, and parallel parking, in addition to other topics.
Course length: 17 min

Month 5 - Speed Management
This course covers: adjusting speed for the conditions, traction and poor road conditions, dealing with aggressive drivers, hills and curves.
Course length: 14 min

Month 6 - Communication
This course covers: how to effectively communicate your intentions to others, how to anticipate the behaviors of others, proper use of signals and warning devices.
Course length: 16 min

Month 7- Urban Driving
This course covers: identifying urban hazards, intersections and turns, dealing with distracted motorists and pedestrians.
Course length: 3 min

Month 8 - Defensive Driving
This course covers: techniques to improve defensive driving skills, the importance of situational awareness, adjusting speed and space to changing conditions, maintaining a positive, professional attitude, and other topics
Course length: 32 min

Month 9 - Visual Search
This course covers: how to search for and anticipate hazards in intersections, visual lead time for city streets, roads and highways, mirror use and other topics.
Course length: 17 min

Month 10 - Driver Distractions
This course covers: the laws surrounding distracted driving, how to manage distractions and reacting to distracted drivers and pedestrians
Course length: 18 min


Month 11 - Winter Driving
This course covers: dealing with black ice and skids, tire-chain use, trip-planning, personal survival gear, how to perform a thorough vehicle inspection, and other topics.
Course length: 28 min

Month 12 - Hazard Awareness
This course covers: navigating around disabled vehicles, dealing with distracted or impatient drivers, handling reduced visibility on curves, managing hazards in parking lots, and other topics.
Course length: 21 min

Use the List Above, or Create a Custom Training Track

The course list above is just a suggestion. We can also customize lessons, or create a training track to meet the needs of your operation.

Designing training for companies in the transportation industry is all we do. Our automated learning management system is designed to integrate with transportation management and back office systems.

We also update each lesson whenever there’s a change in government regulations or best practices. So you can relax knowing your drivers are always up-to-date.

A safer fleet and more efficient driver training starts with a call or click. Connect with one of our friendly and knowledgeable client services representatives online or by phone 877-77-TREAD. We're happy to answer any questions you have. 




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