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Traditional new driver orientation training is insanely expensive - especially with today's high driver turnover. That's why an increasing number of fleets, including JB Hunt, Ryder and CVS Pharmacy, use a combination of computer-based training and in-person training to efficiently and effectively onboard new drivers while saving money. 

New-hire orientation costs per-driver average:

  • $300 - Transportation
  • $200 - Hotel
  • $200 - Per Diem
  • $300 - Driver pay
  • $700 - HR/Trainer travel costs
  • $600 per day in lost revenue while your truck sits unused

Not to mention, you front the costs for all of these expenses before the driver contributes even one dollar to your bottom line. Now imagine you could cut an entire day out of orientation. It'd probably feel pretty good to take that improvement to your boss, while also improving your driver safety training program.


Streamline New Driver Orientation

New Driver Orientation Course Suggestions

Injury Prevention (2-4 lessons)
Fatigue Management (2-4 lessons)
Vehicle Inspections (2-3 lessons)
Workplace Safety (4-6 lessons)
PRO-DEFENSE (1-7 courses)

ITI clients tell us they’ve cut at least one full day from their trucking orientation process using ITI online training. That saves one day on hotel, per diem, paying the trainer, and it gets drivers on the road one day sooner.

When drivers arrive for in-person training, your trainers can work with them on a more personal level. Our clients tell us their onboarding experience is now more of a conversation as opposed to a lecture, and it helps new drivers feel like part of a team.

Also, some parts of new-hire training just work better online, including:

  • How to submit paperwork
  • Putting in maintenance requests
  • Signing up for health insurance
  • Logging hours
  • Seasonal driving tips
  • Pre-trip inspections


Here's a sample onboarding curriculum using pre-built PRO-TREAD courses from ITI. This list represents about eight hours of training.

Injury Prevention (2-4 lessons)

  • Mounting and Dismounting
  • Safe Lifting
  • Safe Lifting for the Driver
  • Back Injury Prevention


Fatigue Management (2-4 lessons)

  • Fatigue Management
  • Night Driving
  • Hours of Service (HOS)


Vehicle Inspections (2-3 lessons)

  • Basic Vehicle Controls
  • Pre-Trip Inspections
  • Identification and Diagnosis of Malfunctions
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • PRO-DEFENSE: Essential Planning Roadside Inspections


Workplace Safety (4-6 lessons)

  • Workplace Awareness
  • Ammonia Awareness
  • Back Injury Prevention
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Emergency Response Plans


ITI's PRO-DEFENSE is a suite of seven courses that provides a comprehensive approach to safe driving. PRO-DEFENSE covers:

D - Distractions
E - Essential Planning
F - Fatigue Management
E- Evaluating Space
N - Navigating Hazards
S - Speed Management
E - Effective Communication

Custom Online Training With Your Content

As a training company, ITI specializes in custom courses! With your company’s input, we can customize any course in our library of 150+ driver safety and OSHA lessons. We can also incorporate your existing orientation and safety content from:

  • Presentations
  • Manuals
  • Videos
  • Interviews with trainers and stakeholders

Everyone at your company who’s involved with orientation (HR, recruiting, legal, operations, dispatch, safety, etc.) can guide the creation of your custom orientation program. We can also build new courses based on your fleet’s individual needs. Check out the steps for how to make a training video with our custom team, then drop us a line to get started.

Why Choose ITI for Your Commercial Driver Orientation?

Face-to-face orientation training is expensive and inconsistent compared to online training, so let us handle the repetitive parts of your new driver onboarding. ITI has worked with busy fleet managers like you for more than 20 years, so we won’t waste your time with a complicated Learning Management System. Don’t worry about uploading slides or writing quiz logic. Nope.

Just email us whatever video you want added, email us quiz questions, and we’ll take care of adding it to your custom lesson. Hand off the hard part to us so you can focus on your 19 other No. 1 priorities. 

- Integrate With Your Existing Driver Management System ITI’s training platform (Sentix) integrates with your driver management system. So your team doesn’t have to deal with yet another login tool to learn. Assign one or more courses to drivers in just a few clicks. 

- Match Your Company's Processes and Org Structure   If your enterprise has a complex recruiting, vetting, and onboarding process — and who doesn't? — you'll love Sentix. We built it ourselves, so we can customize it to your needs in ways that other LMS vendors can't match. 

- Ensure 100 Percent Understanding  Our courses are mastery-based, meaning the driver must correctly answer questions before going on to the next section. Wrong answers mean the driver must watch the lesson again. This guarantees your company has a driver who knows the right thing to do (they can’t skip ahead to the end), and the documentation to prove it.

Online training from ITI allows you to get new drivers on the road sooner, and create a consistent, personalized new hire onboarding experience. Find out how ITI can help your company improve orientation efficiency. Contact us online or by phone, 877-77-TREAD. 



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