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One of the most common areas for crashes is parking lots or distribution center yards. Typically, these crashes stem from rushing or distractions — usually looking at paperwork for the next stop or trying to figure out the best exit route while in motion. Almost all parking lot crashes are preventable. Like most easily avoidable crashes, they are probably the source of half your grey hairs. 

Two factors will add extra grey hairs when it comes to parking lot crashes:

  1. Most parking lot crashes are low-speed and reasonably inexpensive, meaning they don’t rise to the level of your deductible.
  2. If it’s in a retail parking lot or a customer yard, it can add tension to your relationship with that client.


Suggested ITI Courses for Avoiding Parking Lot Crashes

Parking Lot Crash Course Suggestions

Parking Lots
Avoiding Fixed Objects
Accident Procedure
PRO-DEFENSE: Defensive Driving
PRO-DEFENSE: Distractions
PRO-DEFENSE: Evaluating Space

Below, you'll find some suggested courses and course descriptions for combating future preventable parking lot crashes. ITI has you covered for most types of post-crash heavy duty truck driver training. Or better yet, use the Sentix LMS to weave these courses into your new-hire onboarding assignments before there’s an incident! 


Parking Lots: Parking lots can be just as dangerous as the open road. They account for as many as one in five crash claims. The numbers are even higher when it comes to accidents involving trucks, particularly if a company routinely delivers to retail establishments. Delivery drivers spend a lot of time entering, dropping off cargo, and exiting parking lots that are designed for automobiles. More importantly, they're designed to fit the maximum number of cars in the minimum amount of space. The following lesson covers factors to consider when maneuvering in a parking lot, including what to watch out for in terms of other drivers, pedestrians, safety precautions, and general "rules of the road."



Avoiding Fixed Objects: Low speed accidents while hitting fixed objects are the most common type of collisions. Every day, thousands of these incidents happen, that can all be avoided by following some simple steps. Some of the common areas where these crashes happen are pulling into a parking space or navigating a customer yard. Avoiding Fixed Objects is one of the most popular courses in the PRO-TREAD heavy duty truck training library.



Accident Procedures: If a vehicle is involved in an accident, there are certain steps that the driver and employer must follow. This lesson covers actions at the scene, the placement or warning devices, vehicle fires, tire fires, cargo fires, fuel fires and electrical fires. The lesson will also review the requirement for drug and alcohol testing following an accident.

PRO-DEFENSE - Defensive Driving: Defensive driving systems have been around since the 1950s and have changed very little, but road and driving conditions have changed a lot. ITI felt that it was time to take a new look at defensive driving and create a modern system to meet the needs of the modern driver.

PRO-DEFENSE - Distractions: Drivers need to be able to make hundreds of decisions every mile and any distractions will impact that decision making process.

PRO-DEFENSE - Evaluating Space: As a professional heavy duty truck driver, if you can maintain a space around your vehicle at all times, you are protecting yourself and your vehicle and will eliminate collisions. In this lesson, the driver will learn: Defining the space cushion around your vehicle, how to adjust to traffic, changing lanes and merging, left and right turns, intersections and blind spots.


Sentix LMS Makes Assignments Easy

How can you be more efficient as a training and safety professional? Have ready-made courses that you can assign for common incidents. ITI has 15 short “Incident-Based Training” versions of courses, including one on Avoiding Fixed Objects.

Using ITI's Sentix Pro LMS makes it a snap to create groups for common "remedial" courses — you just drop an individual into that group to assign training courses


From Automobiles to Heavy Duty Trucks

ITI also offers three different versions of all the courses mentioned above except Accident Procedures: for heavy-duty articulated trucks, for medium-duty box trucks, and for light-duty vehicles like cars.


Regardless of what kind of vehicles and drivers you manage, ITI can help you keep them safe where most crashes happen: right inside the parking lot. 

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