ITI Adds Five New Courses to PRO-TREAD® Online Training Catalog

It's always a little embarrassing when we get scooped in the media abo...

Thom Schoenborn   |     20, Nov 2019

Safety Incentives for Drivers: Tips from Other Fleet Managers

Safety on the road has enormous benefits for both the driver and the c...

Jennifer Pope   |     18, Nov 2019

Cut Hiring Lawsuits by Educating Drivers on the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

There are many ways the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse (DAC) will impa...

Laura McMillan   |     12, Nov 2019

Never Buy Training You Haven't Seen First Yourself

Dr. Jim Voorhees is ITI's Founder and CEO. With a Ph.D. in human facto...

Dr. Jim Voorhees   |     29, Oct 2019

4 Reasons You Need to Think about Fleet Manager Training

How many times have we heard that an employee doesn't leave a company,...

Thom Schoenborn   |     24, Oct 2019

Top 4 Reasons You’re Neglecting Warehouse Safety Training

When you’re busy, it’s a lot easier to say “no,” than “yes." Countless...

Roy Broomfield   |     22, Oct 2019

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