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Sentix Pro LMS: Edit Admin Roles and Access

New Sentix Pro Feature

Sentix Pro now includes the ability to define roles and access levels for all users.

  • Want to have your managers enter new drivers into the system as they are hired?
  • Want to limit local manager access to specific locations?
  • Have an auditor coming in that needs Sentix reports but nothing else?

Sentix PRO’s new Admin Access tab — live on Jan. 5, 2021 —allows the Full Admin to define the responsibilities for the other admin users in the system. This feature allows any Full Admin to create and assign specific functional access to Roles within your company.

Want to learn more about how you can use this at your organization? Watch this short video on how to set up admin users in the system.


Three Levels of Access for SEntix Pro LMS Features

Role access for each tab within the system has three levels: No Access, View Only, or Full Access. This determines an admin's view or edit access privileges for each Sentix Pro function, or module.

  • No Access denies all access to the given module, and removes it from the menu bar.
  • View Only denies the ability to create or edit records, admins may still search and run reports.
  • Full Access grants view access, and allows admins to create, edit, and potentially delete records, when applicable.

Once you've set up your Admin Roles, you can use the Scope to define which Locations, Regions, or Divisions, a given administrator can view or edit under the relevant Sentix Pro function.

How will this impact me?

If you're a Sentix Pro full admin, you should only see the addition of an "Admin Access" tab. Your full admin role won't be changed. 

If you're one of our Sentix Pro clients for whom we've built custom roles, we're building roles that match. In other words, you should see no changes other than the ability to make existing admin changes and additions yourself using this new feature. 


Want Help Implementing Admin Roles? 

If you want help implementing admin roles, or if you have ideas or questions, our Client Services team is happy to help. 


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