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Never let it be said that the trucking industry ever let facts get in the way of strong opinions.

Case in point: the CSA regulations. We hear all the time about how CSA hurts the drivers, hurts the fleets, makes the roads more dangerous, and will bring about armageddon by 2013.

Yet a survey by ATRI showed nearly 90% of drivers get some very important and basic facts about CSA wrong. And based on our conversations, drivers aren't the only ones working with the wrong information: maintenance, dispatch, executives, you name it.

You can argue all you want about the impact of CSA, but there's two facts you can't argue:

  1. CSA is here and in-force.
  2. Lots of people are flat-out wrong about what's expected under CSA.

Understand CSA and Earn More

So we re-built our CSA lesson to focus on what is expected of drivers and fleets. This new training course is longer than most, about 45 minutes, and covers the basics. It covers the rules, the types of infractions, and the types of penalties. We have a dozen other courses that cover details such as safe driving, driver wellness and cargo securement. But this new lesson is about understanding what the rules are.

CSA Overview (45 minutes)

This lesson provides a detailed view of the impact of CSA, how CSA functions, and how maintain a low CSA score.
What is CSA?
Safety Measurement System
Individual Driver Records and Data Access
Knowing the BASICS
The Consequence of Intervention
Scoring Violation Severity Weight
Violation Severity Weight
Red Flag Violations
Pre-Employement Screening
Preparing Yourself


Like all Pro-TREAD online lessons, it is "mastery training," meaning that the student must correctly answer quiz questions to advance (and finish!) the training.

Interested in a demo of the newest CSA training? Sign up for a demo, and we'll call you back with a demo login.

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