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We have once again expanded the Pro-TREAD feature set, including new admin menu offerings and functionality! The biggest new feature is the ability to assign lessons to a Group ID. Groups have been a part of Pro-TREAD since the beginning — and we added lesson assignment to individuals and Site IDs last fall. This is a natural extension, but one that gives safety directors much more control.

This allows a manager to assign one or more lessons to a group of users under the same Group ID.

New Pro-TREAD feature: assign a lesson by group is available on the main menu.

We've also added a function to list all of your Groups and associated Users to the menu as well. This is an easy way to see what Groups you have and edit the users in them.

A few quick notes:

  • Site IDs are set up by ITI, Group IDs are created by you.
  • A user can only be in one group.
  • Assigning (or un-assigning) lessons to a group will instantly and automatically assign the lesson to any existing or new user.
  • Removing a user from a group will un-assign group lessons from that user
  • Removing a user from a group will NOT lose any completed lessons or lose their progress on a lesson that they started.
  • All reporting options are possible using Group IDs, Site IDs, or User IDs.

Use Group IDs for Orientation or Specialty Training

Group IDs are a great way to implement an orientation program on the quick. Whenever you add a new driver, they go into the Orientation Group and are automatically assigned the intro lessons you want. When they're done, either move them to a new group, or simply delete them from the Orientation Group.

You can do something similar for drivers who need to get ready for their Hazmat Recertification, who you want to train for forklifts, or who will be on warehouse duty for a while (with OSHA training).


Webinar Recording of Assigning PRO-TREAD Lessons


Lesson Assignments Reset after 180 Days

Most clients assign lessons on a monthly or quarterly basis. So assigned lessons taken are only considered "fresh" for 180 days. Any lessons taken more than 180 days ago are considered stale and the user will be required to complete the assigned lesson again. However, the user will not lose their record of having taken the course the first time.

The logic behind having a lesson assignment "reset" is that most admins either change out the assigned lessons at least every quarter. Or that they use groups as a temporary holding tank (for example, for orientation, where a user stays only for the first 30 days).

New Pro-TREAD feature: Group lesson assignments

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