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Safely Using a Pallet Jack

Moving heavy loads around with a pallet jack takes a little common sense and a few tricks. Keep your employees, trucks and work spaces safe with this new Pro-TREAD online pallet jack training course. This new course fits nicely within your OSHA driver training or new-employee orientation training. Especially if you're preparing for an OSHA inspection.

NEW! Pallet Jack Training

This short online training course covers using a manual pallet jack on inclines, on lift gates, and in confined spaces. The lesson takes about 15 minutes to complete, on average.

"Manual Pallet Jack Training? Really?"

You've heard the saying that "common sense isn't so common"? Well, with a fairly basic piece of gear like the pallet jack, it's worse. Untrained people assume they know how it works. And that can lead to danger.

The greatest part of this lesson is the way it shows the danger of what could happen. Consider using a pallet jack loaded with several hundred pounds, rolled out onto a slightly uneven lift gate. Should your worker push it or pull it out? What if the lift gate isn't quite flush with the trailer deck?

Manual Pallet Jack Training

It's these common obstacles that cause injuries. A bad injury. Because if your worker pulls that manual pallet jack out, then loses

their balance? They can get their leg stuck in the pallet jack hanging upside down from the lift gate. Broken leg, banged head, traumatized workers. This training lesson presents lots of common set-ups. And it gives ideas to make them safer!

Covering pallet jacks in your injury prevention training can prevent many injuries, especially those that happen on a lift gate.


Pallet Jack Training Content

  • PPE & Manual Pallet Jack Inspection
  • Safe Operations
  • Do's and Don't's
  • Braking and Parking
  • Moving Heavy Loads
  • Lift Gates

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