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The video above is just one short section of the new PRO-TREAD Night Driving tips course.

This month, we launched three new lessons:

December and January are the darkest months of the year. And many truck drivers choose to drive at night because traffic is so much lighter than during the day. Yet despite the lighter traffic, 3x more crashes happen at night! So we produced these night driving tips because safe miles require specific training to deal with the body's natural desire to sleep at night, as well as night vision.


What's Covered in Night Driving:

  • Preparing Your Lights
  • Lighting and Reflectors
  • Fatigue and Drowsiness
  • Vision at Night
  • Maximizing Your Skills at Night

Why do drivers of medium-duty trucks need night driving tips? Because many deliveries are scheduled for nights when there are fewer cars in parking lots and when city traffic is less.

Our previous Night Driving Tips lesson was used a lot, and that's because night driving has major challenges. You can't gauge oncoming speed. Your body wants to sleep. Your color awareness is diminished. Your reaction time is slowed. Studies have shown night-time fatigue may be a worse impairment than being drunk!

This lesson doesn't suggest drivers avoid night driving. But it does provide real-world tips to help keep them safe and alert.

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