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ITI Adds Five New Courses to PRO-TREAD® Online Training Catalog
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Instructional Technologies Unveils
Professional Services Group

New Group Helps Clients Plan and Execute Game-changing Projects

cropped-header-ko-tankerInstructional Technologies Inc. today formally introduced its Professional Services Group. Best known as the No. 1 provider of online training for the transportation industry, Instructional Technologies (ITI) said this not-quite-new consulting group will help clients plan and execute projects large and small.

Experienced Hands for Big Endeavors

“Through budget cuts, automation, and acquisitions, companies have rolled multiple jobs into a single person. And often that person needs an extra set of capable hands to pull off big projects,” said Laura McMillan, VP of Training Development. “They don’t necessarily need more permanent employees, but there’s an execution gap between the ideas and the people to get things done. We provide those experienced hands needed for a big impact on the company.” 

“Other times, it has required a little more planning,” continued McMillan. “The clients we work with are incredibly smart and driven to succeed. They’ve got a great vision for what needs to happen within their company. We’re able to stand with them to build the strategy and tactics to accomplish the goal.”

Not Quite a New Group for ITI

Instructional Technologies has offered custom and consulting services of one type or another for the past 20 years, said Dr. Jim Voorhees, CEO. Training consulting and custom courses have been the most common. “When we finally added Laura, we knew we’d be able to grow the team and services quickly,” he said. 

Types of Services Offered

Professional Services from Instructional Technologies primarily fall into two categories: 

Consulting Services

Custom Training Services


About Instructional Technologies

Instructional Technologies, Inc. (ITI) is the No. 1 provider of online driver training to the trucking industry through its PRO-TREAD product. Founded in 1995, the 26-person company has produced over 500 custom training lessons and more than 100 standard lessons, and served over 9 million lessons since moving online in 2005. Courses include topics like CSA training, pre-trip inspection, speed and space management, backing and docking, safe lifting, medium-duty trucks, and OSHA  training.  PRO-TREAD includes a training management system that simplifies and automates reporting and compliance. ITI also provides professional services, including consulting for transportation and custom training.



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