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27195-1Two great teams entered this year’s Super Bowl with equal odds of winning the coveted Super Bowl title. By halftime, the incumbent winners, the New England Patriots, seriously lagged behind the Atlanta Falcons. Many thought the game was over when the Falcons took a 25-point lead in the third quarter. How could the Patriots possibly make up their losses against a team on fire and determined to win? The Patriots made an amazing if not improbable comeback tying up the game and in the first ever overtime period for a Super Bowl, scored a touchdown to win the game.

Sometimes, winning our safety game at work can feel like a quarter by quarter game. We may even feel we wind up in the 3rd or 4th quarter trying to ‘catch up’ on goals we coulda-shoulda-woulda been working towards through the year. The best plans can be diverted by new priorities. It happens to us all.

The question is: how do we make this year different? How do we get a strong start towards our safety goals? How do we stay on course? To achieve results, it takes a team of players with a winning attitude and stellar skills to get the job done.

safety management system

Do You Have A Safety Management System?

One of the biggest obstacles we all face is an ever-changing world. Crashes happen. Regulations change. People quit. Executives set new priorities. When that happens, we may be called away from work that’s 80% complete to start on something new. If we never return to that first project, the time and money we invested getting it to 80% complete is wasted.

Winning your Super Bowl of safety takes a system. That is, a systematic, explicit and comprehensive process for managing safety risks. This process includes goal setting, planning and measurement of performance against defined criteria and having the right people to help you execute against that process.

Having a system gives you and your people a method of measuring and evaluating your reaction to new priorities and circumstances. It lets you look at the performance of individuals and the company as a whole.

The safest companies on record will tell you that excellent results are not achieved through one brilliant program but rather through continuous actions and ongoing commitment to improvement.

Who’s On Your Winning Team?

To win the game you need to have winners on your team.  Your team needs to have the winning mindset to readily embrace ambitious safety goals. Survey your team for their commitment to safety and willingness to follow a process for managing safety risks. Provide manager training where needed. Ensure your people have the tools and resources to be successful and remove barriers to success wherever you can.

Perhaps identifying “low hanging fruit” or insight from their vast network of clients. A winning team values the internal team members and your “assistant coaches” — safety consultants — who can help keep you scoring points through the year.

Remember the management truism: hire for attitude and train for skill. Here’s another truism: Some of your best talent is outside of your company. A safety consultant is an important business partner who can can bring a refreshing, alternative look at issues.
Consider bringing in a safety consultant to:


Benefits Of An Effective Safety Management System

What are the benefits of a safety management system? An effective system run by a winning team:

Ready to win your Super Bowl of Safety? Give us a call at ITI. We have the consulting expertise, training resources and instructional content for your team members to be successful each quarter of the year.

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