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It’s not a matter of if but when your drivers will get pulled over for a CMV inspection. It’s not a reflection on their driving skills, inspections are simply part of life on the road. On average, drivers get pulled over once or twice each year, so it’s important they’re prepared.

For example, drivers often get dinged for not wearing a seatbelt. After pulling to the side of the road, a driver may unbuckle their seatbelt to grab paperwork they know the officer will want to check. When the officer sees the driver isn't buckled in, that’s an automatic violation.

ITI’s Roadside Inspections training is full of simple, practical tips like keep your seatbelt on to help drivers get through an inspection as quickly and painlessly as possible. ITI’s self-paced lessons:

  • Average 30 minutes each
  • Can be completed anywhere there’s internet on a phone, tablet or laptop
  • Are updated whenever there is a new regulation or requirement
  • Require drivers to prove they understand the material by successfully passing quizzes throughout each lesson

Pre-Trip Inspection Videos and Roadside Best Practices

CMV Inspection Course Suggestions

Pre-Trip Inspections
Roadside Inspections
Hours of Service
Hours of Service - No Sleeper
Tanker Pre-Trip Logbooks
Introduction to Electronic Logging Devices
Sanitary Transportation Act - What Drivers Need to Know

Roadside Inspections
This lesson explains how to get through a roadside inspection with as little discomfort as possible. Using videos and interactive exercises, drivers learn:


  • Why roadside inspections are necessary
  • What are the CVSA out of service penalties
  • What are the out of service criteria
  • What are the 7 levels of inspection

Pairing the Roadside Inspections lesson with the Pre-Trip Inspections lesson is an effective way to teach drivers what to expect during an inspection and how to breeze through it. Taken together, these lessons do a great job demystifying all the rules and regulations and explaining what drivers need to know.

The pre-trip inspection video below is an excerpt from our complete online lesson:

Pre-Trip Inspections

This course teaches drivers how to thoroughly inspect their truck in less than 10 minutes. It covers the trailer and the tractor, and explains what inspectors will be looking for. The lesson includes interactive exercises to ensure the driver understands how the course material applies to real life situations. They also learn tips for detecting vehicle defects and how to complete a vehicle condition report (VCR) or (DVIR).

Hours of Service/Hours of Service No Sleeper
When operating a commercial vehicle, there are limits to how many hours a driver can be on duty per day, and also per week. There are also a minimum number of off-duty hours that must be logged. This lesson covers the four duty statuses and how drivers should record their time for each status. It also explains:

  • Duty statuses
  • How to record working hours
  • How to manage daily and weekly on-duty limits
  • How to manage fatigue and out of service penalties
  • Sleeper berth exceptions and split sleeper berth time
  • Mandatory off duty time between shifts (no sleeper)

Introduction to Electronic Logging Devices

This lesson covers the basic operation of an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) including: who is required to use an ELD, the basic operation of the device and the driver's responsibilities. This lesson also covers how to log on and off an ELD and how drivers use the device to record their hours of (both off-duty and on-duty) using an ELD.

Sanitary Transportation Act - What Drivers Need to Know

This lesson covers the Sanitary Transportation Act and the specific things truck drivers need to know to stay compliant. 

Tanker Pre-Trip Log Books

This lesson covers the pre-trip, post-trip, and en route inspection procedures specific to tankers.



Concise, Complete CMV Inspection Training

You don't know what a driver learned (or mis-learned) at a prior fleet, so keep them happy and on the road by providing them with tips and best practices for roadside inspections. ITI training also gives you peace of mind knowing your fleet is up to date on the latest regulations.

Helping fleets stay compliant is what we do. ITI tracks regulatory changes and updates lessons regularly so drivers know what to do on Day 1.
Learn how convenient online training from ITI can reduce inspection-related headaches and downtime. Contact a friendly and knowledgeable client services representative online, or at 360-576-5976, option 4.




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