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Phantom cars and invisible light poles cost fleets millions of dollars each year. Think about it, how many times have you heard a driver say, “the car came out of nowhere,”? Or, “it was dark, I couldn’t see there was a light pole behind me."

All joking aside, when drivers know how to identify and avoid common hazards, they have fewer incidents. Defensive driving is more than just paying attention to the road (but that’s important too). Effective defensive driver training teaches visual search skills and empowers drivers to recognize hazardous situations. For example:

What Is Defensive Driving?

Imagine you’re on the freeway driving in the middle lane. The car in front of you is crammed with camping gear, driving below the speed limit and has out-of-state plates.

A defensive driver knows this is a hazardous situation. The out-of-state driver is probably going slow because they missed their exit and could make a sudden lane change. The defensive driver gives this dangerous vehicle plenty of space, and may choose to pass on the left with caution.

Driver Training Helps Identify road Hazards

Training helps your drivers identify these types of potential hazards. Without training, they may see the hazard, but they don't connect it with a potential problem. 

Parking lots are another problem area; the low-speed environment lulls drivers into a false sense of security. Many drivers are surprised to learn one in five collisions occur in a parking lot. For delivery drivers, the collision rate is even higher.


ClearDrive™ online training teaches drivers how to stay two steps ahead of trouble. Through short, easily digestible lessons, drivers learn:

  • How to avoid collisions by identifying hazardous situations
  • Space management - the most obvious yet underused way to stay safe
  • Why parking lots are more dangerous than the open road
  • Exactly how to adjust mirrors for maximum visibility
  • How to anticipate unexpected movements from drivers and pedestrians


The Real Culprit: Rushing

Our defensive driving course puts a special focus on rushing, a common cause of accidents for delivery drivers. When drivers get preoccupied with the things they have to do down the road, “accidents” happen.

Every driver feels pressure to get more done and the temptation to multitask behind the wheel. But safe drivers know, in that split second when you’re looking for paperwork or mapping your next destination - BAM! Now you’re really behind schedule.

Rushing is also the root cause of many speeding violations. ClearDrive online driver training also includes lessons in speed management. For more information, check out the first article in this series, how to keep drivers from speeding.


Online delivery Driver Training Leads to Fewer Crashes

When drivers know how to identify and avoid hazards, they have fewer incidents. It's as simple as that.

Our award-winning PRO-DEFENSE defensive driving courses form the cornerstone of the ClearDrive online training suite. ClearDrive is not only convenient for both drivers and fleet managers, it's the choice of leading fleets. 

Pre-Load Driver training Assignments with a Good LMS

Getting new drivers on the road both quickly and safely is a big lift, but we're here to help you carry the load. Choose from more than 70 training videos to create a driver training program that meets your needs, or select one of our pre-built training plans. Lessons can be assigned in just a few clicks with ITI's Sentix learning management system (LMS).

If one of your drivers has a collision or receives a moving violation, you can automatically assign remediation training in speed management or space management. The driver can use a computer or our driver training mobile app to complete their training online whenever it's convenient. Drivers repeatedly tell us they'd rather spend 20 minutes receiving informative, online training than five minutes being berated on a video by a retired law enforcement officer.

Let’s talk training. Connect with a training consultant online or by phone (360-576-5976 option 4) to learn more about ClearDrive and ITI’s custom online training.

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