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In-person driver orientation is both expensive and impractical, but doing everything via video conference is (let's be honest) grueling for the presenter and participants. Busy fleet managers often forget — there’s a third option — pre-built online orientation training for drivers. It’s cost-effective, customizable, and a better route to onboarding new drivers.

Imagine you could walk into your bosses’ office and tell them:

  • We cut an entire day from onboarding - because online training allows us to cover 3x more material in one hour compared to a live program
  • Drivers pay attention - each lesson includes a short quiz. If the driver answers a question incorrectly, they must repeat the segment that covers that topic.
  • The legal department is happy (for once) - because every new hire receives consistent information and training is documented.
  • We’re saving a ton of money - and getting new drivers on the road sooner.

This could be you. Every item in the list above is based on real-life client experience. Yes, they really do cut an entire day from their new driver orientation process.

Online Driver Training for New Hires is the Cure for Expensive Onboarding

Frito-Lay, JB Hunt, FedEx Ground, and CVS Pharmacy are just a few of the major fleets who use our online training. Here’s how it works:


Use one of our pre-built driver orientation plans or create your own curriculum. Choose from 70+ ClearDrive courses on key topics such as distracted driving, proper lifting procedures, parking lot, and loading dock safety. (Or look at PRO-TREAD online training for heavy duty truck drivers.) We can also modify any lesson to include your operational policies and procedures and/or create custom training

When you think about it, some aspects of driver orientation training just work better online, for example:

With a custom training project, we can move online the repetitive parts of your new driver orientation. It’s easy; just send us your vehicle policies, safety standards, checklists, slide decks, etc. You don’t have to write quiz logic or create slide decks. We've helped fleets large and small with their new-hire programs, so you'll get a team that can zero in on the right questions and approaches. Or if you've already built a lot of custom training content, we can host it.


After lining up your lessons, you’re basically done. The next time you hire a new driver, enroll them in online orientation training in just a few clicks in Sentix LMS. Track their progress, generate reports, it’s all at your fingertips.

If you have a complex recruiting, vetting, or onboarding process (who doesn't), you'll love our learning management system (LMS) Sentix Pro. We built Sentix Pro, which means we can customize the LMS interface in ways other LMS vendors can't. We can even connect to your HR or driver management system so employees have one less login to worry about.

Sample New Driver Training Plan

Avoiding Rear-End Collisions
Back Injury Prevention
COVID-19 What Delivery Drivers Need to Know
Defensive Driving
Distracted Driving
Parking Lot Hazards
Night Driving
Urban Driving

See more about this pre-built new hire orientation program.


Convenient, Compliant, and Humane

Online orientation for fleet drivers is more convenient for everyone. No one has to plan their day around a live meeting or travel to an off-site location. Newly hired drivers simply complete their training on a computer or our driver training mobile app whenever it's convenient, and our system automatically logs their progress.

Another benefit? Clients tell us the first in-person interaction between a new driver and their staff is a friendly conversation instead of an impersonal lecture. The new hire feels like they’re part of a friendly, hard-working team instead of a member of an anonymous herd.


Save Time and Money with Online ORIENTATION

Why not take a few minutes to explore your options? ITI’s ClearDrive™ is designed to help delivery drivers stay safe and commercial fleets reduce liability from incidents. Contact us to schedule a free demo, or speak to one of our friendly training consultants who can answer any questions you have. You can reach us by phone (360-576-5976 option 4).

Want to move your training online but aren't sure where to start? Our in-depth guide makes it easy to compare online fleet training and figure out what you need.

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