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Do your drivers know how to avoid winter danger zones in residential areas? Delivery drivers, especially new ones, may not know where to expect black ice or why you should never walk across a snowy front yard.

Download our free infographic Neighborhood Winter Danger Zones for Delivery Drivers and share it in your driver portal as a weekly safety message. Or, print out and use it as a poster in your breakroom. 

Although collisions and injuries are very serious, we made our infographic a little bit humorous. To show the most common hazards, we imagined a neighborhood where expensive collisions and debilitating injuries lurk around every corner. Though extreme, it's not totally unrealistic...except for maybe the red-nosed reindeer.


Get the Winter Danger Zones poster

Prevent $40,000 Slip and Fall Injuries

Wintertime is full of hazards — in and out of the vehicle. Slip, trip, and fall injuries are the #1 worker’s comp claim and the #2 reason drivers get injured. The average cost to the employer is $40,000 per incident. Ouch!

Your fleet drivers may not be aware of the danger zones that await them on wet neighborhood streets, un-shoveled driveways, and icy front steps. Help them avoid injuries and downtime this winter by downloading and sharing our neighborhood winter danger zone infographic.

Get the Winter Danger Zones poster

Driver injuries are all too common. According to the National Safety Council, the shipping and transportation industry ranks just behind firefighters and police for the highest number of injuries that cause time away from work. Even manufacturing and construction sites are "safer."

Did You Get our Parking Lot Danger Zones Poster?

The Winter Residential Danger Zones poster we've mentioned is our second "Danger Zones" poster. The first we did over the summer. It focused on the injury and crash risks in parking lots for fleet drivers.

Maybe you could hang up the winter one until February, then swap out the parking lot version in March? We've gotten good feedback on them — what kinds of areas should we create for the next Danger Zones poster


Delivery Driver and Commercial Fleet Safety Training

3 Scary Slip and Fall Stats

  • 61% of delivery driver injuries are slips, trips, or falls
  • 43% of injured drivers had 5+ years experience
  • Average cost to the employer (per injury) $40,000
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Knowledge is the cornerstone of incident prevention. ClearDrive™online training makes it easy for you to prevent injuries and achieve your fleet safety goals.

With ClearDrive online driver training, you can protect drivers and your bottom line:

  • Correct bad habits - before they lead to expensive incidents
  • Reduce injuries and expenses from workers' comp claims and collisions
  • Get more done - use the time you’d spend making lesson plans on new safety initiatives
  • Work with safety training experts who can help you create a training plan and customize lessons
  • Use the training program trusted by leading fleets - including Frito Lay, Ashley Home Store, and FedEx
ClearDrive training is tailored to the specific needs of commercial and delivery fleets. We offer more than 70 convenient, online courses to help you onboard new drivers faster and reduce risk throughout your fleet.

A safer, more profitable fleet is just a call or click away. Learn more about ClearDrive, or request a free demo.

Questions? We’re always happy to help. Connect with a training consultant online or by phone (360-576-5976 option 4).

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