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Improve Fuel Efficiency With Straight Truck Safety Training
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Courses to Provide During Driver Orientation
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The 'Don't Delay, Start Today' One-Year Training Plan
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Your boss may expect you to be an expert on everything, but let’s be real. The day-to-day demands of being a frontline manager make it impossible to stay on top of ever-changing regulations and best practices.

Our free webinars, on essential topics like HOS rule changes, get you up to speed in only 30-60 minutes. Just like our online lessons, ITI’s webinars are both comprehensive and concise.

Below you’ll find links to our most popular webinar recordings, our ideas for future webinars, and an invitation to suggest topics we should cover.

Your Two Cents = gold to us

As a training and technology company, we believe our job is to help you run a safer, more profitable fleet. With that in mind, we put together a shortlist of future webinar topics. Let us know what you think, and feel free to suggest other ideas. Your two cents is gold to us.

  • Hazmat training FAQs
  • What legal shield does training provide?
  • Is remediation training enough?
  • What should you cover during new hire orientation?
  • How to streamline your orientation process
  • Can you provide training to owner-operators/independent contractors?


Risk Management and Fleet Safety Webinars

If you're not familiar with our webinars, here are our two most popular ones from 2020:

The #1 most-watched was FMSCA’s New Hours of Services (HOS) Rules — What You Need to Know. Hundreds of fleet safety professionals tuned in for a 30-minute overview of what the new HOS rules mean for fleets and how to communicate the changes to drivers.

Our second most popular webinar in 2020 covered winter driving safety for fleets. ITI's Roy Broomfield and ProDrivers' Jim Smith shared tons of practical tips to help fleet managers minimize incidents and keep drivers safe during the busy winter season.


DOT Regulations Explained in Plain English

Even if you’re personally fluent in bureaucrat-ese, it can be a challenge to explain new regulations to others. During our regulation explainer webinars, you will always:

  • Hear from one or more experts 
  • Learn about the changes in normal, everyday language 
  • Receive plenty of real-world examples
  • Find out how and when to implement the changes in your fleet

Below are a few examples of topics we’ve covered recently. Click the title to watch a recording of the program. To find out when we offer a new webinar, subscribe to our updates. Use the form on this page to subscribe to our blog.

2020 Hours of Service Rule Updates - (described above)

Entry-Level Driver Training for CDL Holders - get a 100% jargon-free overview of ELDT including:

  • What CDL schools and fleets who train entry-level drivers need to know to comply
  • ELDT’s biggest challenges for CDL schools
  • ELDT’s biggest opportunities (yes, there’s a silver lining)

Spotted Lanternfly - Dana Rhodes from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture explained Spotted Lanternfly permits and mandatory training regulations.

Fleet Management Tips

Driver retention and workers’ comp are two issues many fleets struggle with. Here are two webinars packed with practical tips to help you reduce hiring and disability costs.

Driver Burnout and Retention- this webinar includes proven tips and actionable ideas from Marten Transport and the driver retention experts at Workhound. By the end of the webinar, you'll know how to identify and defuse conflict, alleviate stress and burnout, and become a carrier of choice. 



What Transportation Managers Need to Know About Workers' Comp 

Drivers who recover at home incur 7x higher costs compared to drivers in a transitional duty program. Learn how to adopt a professional, welcoming, return-to-work program that will reduce your costs and your paid temporary total disability (TTD).


Top Webinars for Safety Pros

The High Cost of Bad Training
Transforming Training in the Modern Fleet
The Time-Crunched Safety Manager
Avoiding Half-Vast Executions
How to Train Your Trainers



ITI's learning management system SENTIX makes it easy it is to assign  training based on the driver's experience level, routes, truck type, violation history, etc. Watch this webinar to learn more.

Interested in automation? This webinar showcases how Sentix Pro makes it easy to:

  • Set up recurring training 
  • Schedule quarterly assignments 
  • Automate training 

ITI is the industry's most respected online truck driver safety training company. We offer convenient, effective online safety training for CDL fleets, delivery drivers and commercial fleets, and also van and box-truck fleets.

To learn more about our training plans, custom training, or to request a free demo, phone 360-576-5976 option 4. You can also connect with a training expert online.

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