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Hard braking events alert you to drivers who may be incident-prone just as a scratchy throat whispers, "you're about to get a cold." Frequent hard braking events are more common among drivers who follow too close, drive too fast, or frequently take their eyes off the road. But prescribing the right training can break these bad habits.

ITI courses such as Speed Management, Space Management, and Driver Distractions help you proactively prevent crashes and their unpleasant side effects - insurance rate increases and equipment repair costs. Reducing the number of hard-braking events can also:

  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce collisions
  • Prevent wet weather and winter weather incidents
  • Limit wear and tear on your equipment
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Contact a client services representative to create a custom training program, or assign the recommended lessons below:

Hard Braking Prevention Courses from ITI

Hard Braking Course Suggestions

Space Management
Speed Management
Read-End Collision Avoidance
Emergency Maneuvers
Driver Distractions
PRO-DEFENSE:Space Management
PRO-DEFENSE:Speed Management
PRO-DEFENSE:Evaluating Space
IBT Space Management
IBT Speed Management
IBT Rear-End Collision Avoidance

Speed Management
Speed is the number one cause of collisions. Knowing how to manage speed and choose the right speed for the conditions can give the driver time to take appropriate action to avoid a collision.

In this lesson, the driver improves their understanding of:

  • How to choose the right speed speed for the conditions
  • Traction and poor road conditions
  • How to deal with aggressive drivers
  • Managing hills and curves

Space Management
Using 3D animations, this lesson takes an in-depth look at how to manage the space around the vehicle. Drivers learn about defining and maintaining a safety cushion, adjusting to traffic, changing lanes and merging, left and right turns, intersections, and blind spots.

Rear-End Collision Avoidance
Rear-end collisions create some of the worst crashes, especially when a large commercial vehicle crashes into a passenger vehicle. This course helps drivers avoid rear-end collisions by enhancing their understanding of:

  • How to measure and maintain your following distance
  • How to calculate stopping distance
  • How to safely use cruise control
  • Tips for driving in reduced-visibility conditions
  • How to navigate intersections and passing other vehicles

Emergency Maneuvers
Emergency Maneuvers are actions taken by a driver to avoid an injury, loss, accident or death. This lesson covers emergency maneuvers such as evasive steering, oncoming vehicles, stopped vehicles, and off-road recovery. Equipment failures, including brake failure and the actions to be taken following these failures, are also covered.

Driver Distractions
According to research by AAA, drivers make up to 100 decisions per mile, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports distractions and inattentive driving play a part in one out of every four motor vehicle accidents. This lesson identifies different types of driver distractions, how to minimize them, and the consequences of distracted driving.



ITI's Pro-DEFENSE suite of courses includes 7 key lessons that, when combined, create a complete defensive driving system to protect the driver like a suit of armor. PRO-DEFENSE provides thorough, document-able safety training, and drivers can complete the course anywhere they have an internet connection.

PRO-DEFENSE covers three key areas (highlighted below) for hard braking event prevention in addition to other essential safety topics:

D - Distractions
E - Effective Communication
F - Fatigue Management
E- Evaluating Space
N- Navigating Hazards, hazard awareness and reacting correctly
S - Speed Management
E - Essential Planning


Corrective Training Made Easy

Improve efficiency with ready-made courses you can quickly assign after common incidents such as hard braking. ITI's short, “Incident-Based Training” (IBT) courses complement and reinforce your route-specific thresholds. Choose from:

  • IBT Space Management
  • IBT Speed Management
  • and/or IBT Rear-End Collision Avoidance

ITI's Sentix Pro learning management system (LMS) makes remediation training easy. When a driver requires remedial training, simply contact your client services representative, or add them to the group to automatically assign one or more training courses


Recognize the Symptoms and Take Preventative Action 

If a driver has problems with hard-braking, prescribe hard braking prevention courses from ITI to help them avoid future incidents. If you're an existing client, get in touch with ITI Client Services. If you're not a client? Then get in touch with the sales form with the button below.


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