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Hazmat and tanker drivers are some of the best on the road, and they don’t get there by accident. It takes discipline, a mature attitude, and a highly-developed skill set.

These experienced professionals work hard to maintain their skills, just like pro ballplayers and elite soldiers. Fleet managers take note: reputation matters a lot to tanker drivers. They will be quick to leave an operation that doesn't meet their high standards for safety and professional excellence. 

Become a carrier of choice for experienced tanker drivers by supporting them with training that:

  • Keeps their skills sharp
  • Helps them prevent injuries
  • Respects their time and experience

Download our free course guide with sample training plans for tanker drivers

Get the Tankers Training Plan

Elite Training for Elite Drivers

Both drivers and fleet managers describe Hazmat driving as, “playing in the big leagues,” because of the skill level required (and the paycheck). It’s an accurate comparison, because driving a 40-foot truck full of hazardous, sloshing chemicals requires the skill and focus of a competitive athlete. 

According to Popular Science, “A professional athlete's mental game is just as important, if not more so, as their physical one.” Whether you’re standing at the free-throw line, staring down an all-star batter, or sitting behind the wheel of a tanker truck, success depends on your ability to:

  • Manage distractions
  • Deal with frustrating situations
  • And above all maintain focus

Help your Hazmat and tanker drivers stay at the top of their game with convenient, online safety courses including:

  • Distracted driving
  • Rollover prevention
  • Skid control
  • Defensive driving

Combine your existing training with our industry-leading safety courses and put powerful incident prevention at your drivers’ fingertips.

Tankers Training Plan thumbnail

Download our Hazmat Tanker Training Plan and Course Guide to see what courses we offer and sample lesson plans you can assign:

  • During orientation
  • Following an incident
  • To prevent injuries
  • To prepare drivers for their Hazmat renewal

Get the Tankers Training Plan

If you’re already an ITI customer, your client services rep can assign the recommended courses for you.

Top 10 Courses for Tanker Drivers

Hazmat renewal prep
Fire prevention
Injury prevention
Rollover prevention
Defensive driving
Distracted driving
Avoiding fixed objects
Skid control
Tanker PPE
Tanker pre-trip


Is Your Fleet A Carrier of Choice?

ITI understands the challenges of the tanker and bulk transportation market and we’re proud to be the trusted training partner of leading fleets including: A&R, Eagle Transport Corp, Apex Bulk, and Pilot Flying J.

ITI makes it easy to:

  • Automatically assign and document training
  • Create or host custom training
  • Prepare drivers for their Hazmat endorsement renewal
  • Offer training online via mobile app
  • Become a carrier of choice for Hazmat and tanker drivers.

We’ll work hard to help your fleet exceed its safety, training, and risk management goals. Connect with a training consultant online to learn more about ITI's Hazmat and tanker driver online training or schedule a free demo.

Prefer to speak to someone over the phone? Let's talk training. Give us a call at 360-576-5976 and choose option 4.

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