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If you're a fleet with operations in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, you've hopefully heard about the Spotted Lanternfly. It's an invasive species that's threatening agriculture and forestry in a way that few insects have. Moreover, trucking has been drafted to stop this bug because it hitches rides on trucks, trailers, and cargo.

ITI has a number of Spotted Lanternfly resources for fleets about new training requirements from PA, NJ, NY and DE. We also hosted a webinar (video here) with the leading expert from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture. For fleets with a lot of drivers to train, we also offer a spotted lanternfly training course online for the drivers. (Managers must first take a free course through Penn State.)


Spotted Lanternfly In the News

After we brought the matter to the media's attention, Transport Topics followed up last week with an article after the fact. We're happy to see awareness growing. 


Find Answers on the ITI Spotted Lanternfly Resource Page

You'll find answers to many questions about fleet training requirements for the Spotted Lanternfly on our FAQ page.

Like many courses, this started as a custom training request from three of our enterprise clients. We quickly realized it was a very big deal!


Have Questions? Just Ask

We got a great question from a client the other day: If a driver is making multiple stops in the quarantine area, do they need to inspect it each time? We posed the question to Dana Rhodes from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture, and she said:

"We prefer that they do a check prior to moving.  The quarantine area has some high populations, low populations and no known infestations.  We don’t want to keep moving populations around in the quarantine too.  We are just looking for them to do a walk around prior to moving, and thorough inspections before leaving the quarantine or at the end of the day would be acceptable."

We're committed to providing fleets with the best information we can on getting spotted lanternfly permits and many other compliance issues. If you have more specific questions, please send us an email:

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