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We're all very happy to announce that our COO, Nathan Stahlman, will step up to be ITI's new CEO. Meanwhile our founder and guiding light, Dr. Jim Voorhees, will move into the role of Executive Chairman of the Board.  That's the short version — we've included the full press release below, plus well-wishes from around the industry for Jim.


Vancouver, Washington – January 11, 2021 -- Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI), providers of training solutions for the transportation industry, today announced that COO Nathan Stahlman has been named Chief Executive Officer, and company founder and CEO Dr. Jim Voorhees will now serve as Executive Chairman of the Board of ITI.

ITI announces new CEO, Nathan Stahlman“Nate Stahlman is the perfect person to step into the CEO role at ITI and lead the day-to-day operation of the company,” said Voorhees. “He was one of the original employees of ITI in 1995, and over the years he’s been involved in our ongoing success. Our growth stems from people at ITI like Nate who have worked so hard and so competently to put us far ahead of our competition in quality of training and client services. Under his leadership we will continue to accomplish great things.”

Stahlman, who has served as Chief Operating Officer at ITI for the past three years, has worked at the company since he was an undergraduate at the University of Portland. Over the past 25 years, he’s been involved in programming, video shoots and leading the production team. In his most recent role, he oversaw curriculum development, production, professional services, and marketing.

Founded by Dr. Jim Voorhees, ITI remains a family owned and operated business that cares deeply about training and trucking and takes great pride in the longevity of its employees. As a former U.S. Army helicopter pilot, Voorhees said when he decided to start his own simulation training company, he took something that he learned in the military to heart: “The most important thing in your life is your people. They depend on you to do the right thing at the right time.”

“I look forward to continuing ITI’s goal to be the best safety partner for the industry, improving safety, risk and loss prevention, and making safer roads,” Stahlman said. “ITI will continue to be the vital component to safety and compliance programs that save time and money. And we’ll keep developing programs that engage our clients’ employees.”


Dr. Jim Voorhees will move into the role of Executive Chairman of the Board.Well Wishes from the Industry

To be fair, Jim is not retiring. But stepping back from day-to-day operations is a big deal for Jim (and for those of us who are used to stepping into his office at any time for advice). We leaked the news to a few of his good friends and long-time colleagues, and they were gracious in their praise of Jim.

For a little more background on Jim, we encourage you to read two pieces from our local paper, The Columbian.



It has been my privilege and honor to know Jim for twenty years. He is one of the most respected and admired leaders in the trucking industry, and quite possibly the most likable. Jim’s cheerful voice brightens the day. He is humble, thoughtful, kind, generous, a friend to all. Jim has built a great business and a legacy of immense accomplishment. We wish him continued success and happiness.

Gary Petty, President & CEO
National Private Truck Council



I have long held Jim Voorhees in the very highest personal and professional regard. He is a true hero to me and is likely the smartest person with whom I’ve ever worked. In addition to his intellect, he has an unwavering passion to advance commercial transportation safety and training. Jim is a visionary and our industry is better for his innovation and dedication. While Jim may be changing roles at ITI, I can say without concern for contradiction, that he won’t be retiring. His energy and commitment are still apparent to all with whom he works. Good luck, Jim. You continue to be an inspiration for all who know you.

Don Osterberg, former VP Safety
Schneider National
U.S. Army Col (Ret.)




For 15 years Jim Voorhees has been a mentor and a friend. His passion for training and his love of simulation has always been contagious and served to move the industry forward! Jim always took the time to talk to anyone about training, even when he didn’t have it. And that's just one example of his caring nature and the success story of ITI. Enjoy the future, Jim!

Rebecca W. Hudson, Esquire, Vice President of Marketing
Advanced Training Systems, LLC



I am extremely excited for both Nate in his new role and Jim as he takes a step back. Both these gentlemen have been extremely important in the partnership ITI and ProDrivers have built over many years. The ITI team, led by Jim has played a major role in reducing accidents and injuries at ProDrivers. Lives have been saved because of Jim Voorhees, ITI and their dedication to Transportation Safety!

I am confident that the foundation built by Jim will continue to be strong as Nate takes the helm. Kudos my friends!

Jim Smith, Vice President of Safety




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