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Ask any experienced operations manager the key to managing costs and improving safety, and they’ll tell you it’s training your drivers to do the right thing at the right time. It’s a great soundbite, but what does it really mean?

Here’s what we know: ITI clients who assign online training on a monthly or quarterly basis report

  • Lower insurance rates and fewer lawsuits due to reduced crashes
  • Better driver retention due to fewer violations
  • Lower CSA scores
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Lower maintenance costs

It makes sense, right? Recurring training reinforces safe driving best practices, so fleets reduce their fuel and incident-related expenses. 


What's Your Monthly Training Plan?

Recommended Monthly Training Topics

Injury Prevention
Fatigue Management
Vehicle Inspections
Workplace Safety
Seasonal Driving
Distracted Driving
Emergency Maneuvers

Below, you'll find monthly training "themes," along with multiple options to assign.

What many fleet managers don't realize is, with ITI,  assigning ongoing training is incredibly simple and costs less than two gallons of diesel per month, per driver. Most of our lessons are 25 minutes or less, and each one is mastery-based (also known as “skip-proof”). Drivers can complete their assignments on a computer, phone or tablet anywhere they have internet. Assign courses to one or more drivers in just a few clicks with Sentix, ITI’s convenient learning management system (LMS).

Monthly Training Made Easy

About 40 percent of our clients require drivers to complete monthly lessons. Nearly 70 percent tie training to the driver’s compensation in some way (tying it to the safety bonus is the most common).

ITI offers more than 150 pre-built online courses so your drivers are always up to date on best practices. Commercial driver training is all we do, which means it’s our job to stay on top of rules and regulations. We can customize any of our courses to meet the needs of your fleet, and with Sentix LMS, you can easily assign training in just a few clicks.


Monthly Training Themes and Related Courses from ITI

Each month you can assign a group of related courses to your drivers. Below are a few suggestions; you can also create a custom training track.

Month 1: Injury Prevention
Mounting and Dismounting
Safe Lifting for the Driver
Back Injury Prevention

Month 2: Fatigue Management
Fatigue Management
Hours of Service
Night Driving

Month 3: Vehicle Inspections
Basic Vehicle Controls
Pre-Trip Inspections
Identification and Diagnosis of Malfunctions
Preventative Maintenance
Roadside Inspections
ProDEFENSE: Essential Planning

Month 4: Workplace Safety
Workplace Awareness
Ammonia Awareness
Back Injury Prevention
Bloodborne Pathogens
Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Emergency Response Plans

Month 5: Seasonal Driving
Summer Driving
Winter Driving

Month 6: Distracted Driving
ProDEFENSE: Distractions
ProDEFENSE: Effective Communication
Avoiding Fixed Objects
Urban Driving

Month 7: Emergency Maneuvers
Emergency Maneuvers
Emergency Response Plans
Fire Prevention
Avoiding Roadside Collisions

ITI’s PRO-DEFENSE is a suite of courses designed to help drivers cope with distractions, fatigue, and other common incident causers. PRO-DEFENSE covers:

D - Distractions
E - Effective Communication
F - Fatigue Management
E- Evaluating Space
N - Navigating Hazards
S - Speed Management
E - Essential Planning




With ITI, you’ve got a partner who can help you improve safety, reduce expenses and keep on top of regulations. You’re just one click away from spending less time on the minutiae of driver training, and more time focusing on what matters.

Connect with ITI online or by phone: 877-77-TREAD. We’d appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Want to move your training online but aren't sure where to start? Our in-depth guide makes it easy to compare online fleet training and figure out what you need.


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