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Sentix® LMS has always been an easy-to-use learning management system, and we’ve recently added a few more features that we think you’ll use quite a bit. 

Many of these new Sentix features stemmed from suggestions from users like you, so let us know if there’s a feature you’d like to see. We track them and review them regularly for similarities.



Manage Groups Tab: 

Managing training groups just got a lot faster. This new tab pulls together several pieces of information at a glance and lets you dive deeper, too.

Sentix LMS: Manage Groups Tab

  • Easily edit all users in a group. Changing the Group ID name on this tab updates for all users at one time.
  • Add a new group here and use when entering drivers into the system or for assigning lessons. 
  • Add a description for each Group to ensure that all administrators are clear on who should be included in the group.
  • Two clicks to see all the users in each Group.
  • Two clicks to see all the lessons assigned to each Group. 

Report Sorting: 

Report sorting happens in several places across Sentix. Where possible, you can sort each column.

Sentix LMS: Sorting reports

  • Sort lesson, user and group reports by clicking on the header row.
  • Click once for A to Z and a second time for Z to A.
  • Easily sort through records when looking up information. 
  • Sort by User ID, Name, lesson, completion dates, groups etc. to understand who has completed which lessons, who is active and and in which groups or which group ids have lessons. Allows for quick and easy adjustments of users, reviews of users and updates for group IDs. 

Look Up Assignments by User ID: 

Sometimes you just need to look up the info on one person real fast. Under the Reporting tab, you can quickly access a search box.

Sentix LMS: Look up assignments by User ID

  • Look up all assignments and lessons that are in progress, completed and not yet started for each driver. 
  • Enter user ID or name to easily look up all user information in one place.
  • Review user information to ensure they are in the proper groups.
  • Reporting offers you a snapshot of all assignments for that user. Click on the assignment title and review their status for each lesson.
  • Below that you can see all lessons that are in progress or completed for each user.

Sentix LMS: Output from a user ID lookup.


How to Videos:

It's 2020, isn't it? We expect video has proven it is here to stay, so we've created a library of how-to videos for Sentix.


Sentix LMS: Help video 

  • Click on the second selection in the help tab to view videos on administrative functions in the Sentix platform.
  • All videos are less than 5 minutes and available any time you need them.
  • Videos include sections: Adding Users, Setting Up Assignments, Running Reports. 
  • Easily review a step-by-step video on how to manage your program.




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