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Parking lots are a dangerous place for your drivers to let their guard down. According to The National Safety Council, one in five automobile crashes take place in a parking lot, and for commercial fleets, the numbers are even higher.

To make matters worse, repairs (typically) don’t cost enough to qualify for insurance coverage. That means 100 percent of repair costs come directly out of fleet profits.

Whether your delivery drivers realize it or not, parking lots are a dangerous place. The good news?  You can easily educate drivers to avoid parking lot collisions with a convenient online delivery driver training program.

Parking Lot Safety for Delivery Drivers

For most fleets, incident-related expenses such as insurance premiums, deductibles, and downtime represent 10-20 percent of operating costs. By reducing parking lot collisions, delivery driver safety training quickly pays for itself.

Most drivers think parking lots are no big deal, but crash statistics say otherwise. One in five accidents take place in a parking lot, but for delivery drivers, the odds of a crash are much higher. Commercial drivers are 3.8 times more likely to be involved in a collision at 5 mph or below versus between 6-80 mph.


Why are parking lot collisions so common?  Two main reasons:

#1 Parking lots are designed to fit the maximum number of cars in the minimum amount of space. In a restaurant parking lot with a drive-thru, things get even more chaotic.

#2 Drivers are more distracted in parking lots vs. surface streets and highways. They’re preoccupied with finding a parking space or locating a business and they’re using technology while driving.

In a recent poll, more than half of drivers admitted to programming their GPS, sending and receiving emails and/or using social media while driving in a parking lot. An alarming number of drivers also said they took a photo (49 percent), surfed the internet (43 percent), or video chatted (42 percent). We thought this information was so alarming, we made an infographic you can share with your team.

parking lot hazards for commercial drivers infographic

By educating delivery drivers about parking lot hazards, you can help them avoid expensive collisions. Make online safety training for delivery drivers part of your onboarding process and set up a training program where drivers review one or more safety videos each month.

Here are some of the parking lot safety tips we cover in our delivery driver online training course:

  • Always be alert for pedestrians darting to and from their vehicle - especially in bad weather
  • When backing, go slow and repeatedly check for pedestrians and other hazards
  • Be alert for children. A recent study found 50 percent of children exited the vehicle before an adult and 89 percent crossed the parking lot outside of an adult’s arm reach
  • After exiting the vehicle, look for abandoned shopping carts that could roll into your vehicle and cause damage
  • Don’t expect other drivers to stop at stop signs
  • Anticipate drivers will turn the wrong way down a one-way parking aisle and take “shortcuts” across parking spaces
  • Avoid making left turns out of a parking lot onto a busy street, turn right instead and go around the block


New New new – Parking Lot Danger Zones Poster

We talked about how the different dangers your drivers need to watch out for — how about a poster you can hang up? It's a good reminder for all your drivers. Our Parking Lot Danger Zones poster is free to print. 


Delivery Driver Online Training Videos

    Stop paying for expensive, preventable incident expenses. Make sure drivers know how to prevent parking lot incidents by adding online driver safety training into your onboarding program and scheduling periodic lessons to reinforce safe driving habits.


ClearDrive™ online driver training from industry leader ITI:

  • Works on any internet-connected device
  • Uses video animation to depict real-life scenarios (not boring talking heads)
  • Requires drivers complete a short quiz before advancing to the next section
  • Can be automatically sent out on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule
  • Makes it easy to create a training program - choose from 70+ driver safety lessons, or try one of our driver training curriculum plans.
  • Allows you to include custom content specific to your fleet’s policies and procedures.
Learn more about ClearDrive or schedule a free demo online. Want to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable human? Connect with one of our training consultants by phone: 360-576-5976 and choose option 4.

Download our free whitepaper about Avoiding Fixed Objects for proven tips to prevent incidents. One fleet manager discovered avoiding one location at a certain time of day reduced crashes by 50 percent.

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