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Out-of-vehicle injuries aren’t as sensational as collisions, but they’re much more widespread. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slip and fall injuries are #2 reason drivers miss work. One wrong move can lead to weeks of physical therapy, piles of medical bills, and workers comp claims. The average cost? Oof. It's so bad I tucked it lower down in the article, and it's why injury prevention training is so critical.

We know you care about the health and safety of your delivery drivers. Whether your fleet delivers food, packages, pharmaceuticals, or other items, good online training will make sure your drivers know the two most common reasons for out-of-vehicle injuries, and six safety tips that prevent debilitating falls.

The 2 Most Common Out-of-Vehicle Driver Injuries

#1 Slips, trips, and falls are most likely to occur when the driver enters/exits their vehicle, or while walking on-site at their delivery location.

#2 Lift Gate Injuries are usually caused by rushing - and they get expensive in a hurry.

  • Falling off a lift gate can cause broken bones and/or soft tissue damage that’s slow to heal
  • When fingers get caught in the lift gate, the driver may lose fingers or need multiple surgeries
  • There’s also the hidden cost of crashes and injuries: replacing goods, re-routing trucks, overtime, etc.

Average Injury Cost: $40k Each

Disregarding out-of-vehicle safety incidents as minor is a big mistake. 

According to the BLS, the average total cost of a slip and fall injury (to the employer) is $40,000.

The best way to prevent injuries is to teach drivers how to stay safe and reinforce safe behaviors with periodic reminders. (Our free injury prevention poster is also helpful! -ed .) When was the last time you reminded truck drivers to always use three points of contact and never jump out of the cab or trailer?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

- 61 percent of delivery driver injuries are slips, trips, and falls
- Only 7 percent of falls are caused by sleet, ice, or snow
- 43 percent of injured delivery truck drivers had 5+ years experience

Do Your Drivers Prioritize speed Over safety?

Rushing and distraction are the root cause of most driver injuries. When drivers believe getting the job done is more important than getting the job done safely, that’s when accidents happen.

Show drivers you care about their well being by encouraging them to take time for safety. Here are six tips you can share via text, email, or through your fleet's driver portal.

6 Safety Tips for Delivery Drivers:

  1. Enter and exit the vehicle using 3 points of contact
  2. Walk the delivery path and look for hazards
  3. Watch out for doorways and stairs
  4. Be careful on tile floors
  5. Wear sturdy, supportive footwear
  6. Slow down in bad weather

Want more? Download The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Out-Of-Vehicle Injuries (it’s free).

Yes! I Want This Guide!

Delivery Driver Safety Training

By training drivers in good injury prevention habits, you can minimize the direct and indirect costs associated with out-of-vehicle injuries including:
  • Medical bills
  • Insurance rate increases
  • Fuel and logistical costs to reroute drivers
  • Additional hires
  • Overtime expenses
  • Damaged product replacement
  • Special deliveries, rush orders, or other customer accommodations
  • Lost accounts due to service interruptions

When injury-prevention best practices like three points of contact become as routine as putting on a seatbelt, your fleet can minimize the surprise expenses above. How much did your fleet spend on "minor" out of vehicle injuries last year? 

Do More With the Resources You Have

If you don’t have time to DIY your training, ITI’s ClearDrive™ is a simple solution that quickly pays for itself. Pick and choose from more than 70 online courses on driver safety including: distracted driving, proper lifting procedures, lift gate injury, and slip trip and fall prevention. We can also modify any lesson to include your operational policies and procedures and/or create custom training.

Keep drivers safe inside the vehicle and out. Connect with a training consultant online or by phone (360-576-5976 option 4) to learn more about your options.



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