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We get a fair number — OK, a huge number — of questions from trucking companies on the East Coast about how the ITI online Spotted Lanternfly training course fits together with the Penn State course. We made it so easy there's even a little infographic below.

"Is your course free?" is the top question and, right off the bat, no. It's not free. But it's really inexpensive. And using online training from ITI takes a lot less time, money, and frustration than teaching all of your truck drivers and warehouse workers yourself, in person. Plus every time you onboard new people, they have to be taught in person unless you use ITI's Spotted Lanternfly course.


How the Spotted Lanternfly Courses Work Together

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Trainers & Managers MUST Take the Penn State Course

One person — let's say you — has to take the Penn State course. Whether you use ITI's course or not, one person from your company must take the Spotted Lanternfly course. It's free, and it's about 2 hours long. Have fun with that...

From there, your options are either to teach alllllllll your employees yourself, or use ITI's course to teach them. 

Drivers can take ITI's Spotted Lanternfly training course online in about 10 minutes. It works on computers or mobile (iOS or Android) devices if you're a Sentix LMS user, and provides you with records and certificates of completion.

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Sentix LMS Makes Training Assignments Easy

And ITI's course management system — Learning Mangement System or LMS if you're a training nerd — makes it very simple. Assigning the course takes about 3 clicks. If you use our Sentix LMS to automate new employee onboarding training, you just add it to that group of courses. Easy peasy. 

Teaching all your employees means taking time out of every onboarding and going to all your different locations to make sure employees understand it. Testing them, printing handouts, creating a powerpoint, whatever. It's time-consuming, expensive, and not terribly effective.


Who Should Use ITI's Online Spotted Lanternfly Course?

If you're a small business without much turnover, training your employees yourself makes a ton of sense. Penn State even has materials for you to use. But if you're a large company with multiple locations and weekly new-employee orientation groups, you'll save yourself a lot of time and money going with ITI's online Spotted Lanternfly course.


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