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CDL schools, here's a question for you: when was the last time you updated your training curriculum? If you're still relying on textbooks, it's time to modernize your approach.

On Ramp™, ITI’s online CDL training program, is the modern way to train and test CDL students. Still on the fence about moving part of your training online? Here are a few great reasons that online CDL training is better for you, your trainees and your bottom line. 


Spend Less Time on Curriculum Development

With a high-quality online training program, you don’t have to spend time creating and updating curriculum. On Ramp complies with all federal training regulations right out of the box – you’ll never have to edit or update it. Plus, we evaluate all our online courses on a regular basis and quickly update them based on new rules and requirements, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date content for your trainees.


Improve Trainee Completion Times

By moving all or part of your CDL theory training online, trainees can move through the lessons more quickly than they could with just a classroom lesson, helping you move more people through your training program without sacrificing quality (see below).


Improve Learning Retention

Not only will trainees complete lessons faster with online courses. They’ll get more out of it, too. Multiple studies have shown that students tend to learn faster and retain more information with online training vs. traditional classroom training. 


Save Money on Classroom Training

Online training is far less expensive than hiring an instructor for the same number of hours. If you plan to take a blended approach to CDL training, you can assign online training videos as a prerequisite.

We're not suggesting you won't need instructors, or that you'll need fewer instructors. Online training used as a pre-requisite frees up your instructors to spend their valuable time on “next-level” skills and individual evaluation. They'll delivers a better learning experience.


On Ramp: The Gold Standard for Interactive CDL Training

The best part is, we’ve already done the hard work for you. On Ramp contains everything you need to teach a robust CDL curriculum. It also handles testing and record-keeping and comes with flexible LMS to help you manage your programs.




In other words, using an online ELDT training system like On Ramp is faster, easier and most likely cheaper than developing curriculum on your own. Save yourself a ton of time in 2020 and give it a try today.

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