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If you don’t have a winter safety policy, that should be your #1 priority right now. Sending your drivers out in bad weather without a plan is like sending your kids out in the snow barefoot! OK, your drivers are a lot more resourceful than kids, but the point is that you don't want them guessing how to deal with an emergency winter situation.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix. You can download our free winter safety policy checklist and use it as a template. Create a comprehensive winter driving policy, or use the checklist to confirm your existing procedures cover all the bases (including: wear sturdy shoes with good traction).

Create a Comprehensive Winter Driving Policy:
Download Our Checklist

Safety policies help drivers avoid hazardous situations and prevent issues that arise when drivers and managers mishandle common winter safety problems. Make sure your team members — from maintenance to dispatchers to drivers — know what to do when the weather turns bad.

Our winter driving policy checklist includes:

  • What to do if you get stuck in the snow
  • Survival essentials every driver should carry 
  • Breakdown policies and procedures
  • Plus other essential topics


View and Download Checklist

Does Your Winter Safety Policy Cover

Avoiding injuries?
Breakdown procedures?
Drowsy driving?
Emergency supplies?
Recommended speeds?
Vehicle maintenance?


Steer Drivers into a Safety Mindset

A well-defined safety policy minimizes downtime and risk, but you can maximize its effectiveness by enrolling drivers in safety training. Effective safety training does more than just teach drivers how to judge speed and distance. It also improves the driver’s attitude and mindset. 

When drivers know about common night driving hazards, what to do if they feel drowsy, and how to install tire chains, it reduces anxiety. The driver can stop worrying about what might happen and focus on the road in front of them. 

Training can also reduce driver burnout (stay tuned for more on this!) by teaching them how to handle stressful situations. When drivers know it’s okay to take a quick nap if they feel sleepy, they avoid the angst of choosing between what they think the fleet wants (get there fast) and what they want (get home safe). 

You Have Enough To Worry About This Winter

A small investment in driver safety training this winter can prevent expensive incidents. 

Not sure what winter safety topics to cover? No worries. We can help you create and implement a training plan to minimize collisions and injuries.

Online driver safety training from ITI is convenient for both fleet managers and drivers.

Safety Training for delivery and commercial fleets

ITI's ClearDrive™ online training is designed for the specific needs of commercial and delivery fleets.

ClearDrive is a cost-effective way to help drivers adopt safe driving habits and reduce your liability for crashes and injuries. Defensive driving courses deal with common safety issues such as urban driving, frequent stops, and customer interactions. 

ONLINE Training for heavy-duty truck drivers

When it comes to truck driver training, quality matters. Study after study shows high-quality training improves safety, output, and morale.

ITI’s PRO-TREAD delivers superior training and proven results. We don't use talking heads and slides full of clip art. ITI’s training uses animations depicting real-world scenarios and clear, easy-to-understand instructions. Our most popular driver safety courses are also available in Spanish.

ITI is the trusted training partner of leading fleets including: FedEx partners, Frito Lay, Pilot Flying J, Ryder Leasing, Shaw Flooring, and The Dairy Farmers of America. Let us help you achieve your safety goals. Connect with a training consultant online or by phone. Call 360-576-5976 and choose option 4, or request an online demo.

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